The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Ova the Rainbow - A psychedelic egg hunting adventure!
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Update: Jun 9, 2013 @ 3:20pm

New logo

Update: Jun 9, 2013 @ 2:27pm

Initial Steam release. Fixes bugs from the Nexus version. Complete changelog:

==== Version 1.01 ====-----

Added missing FaceGeom data

Added config book for non-SkyUI users

Mammoth charge REALLY doesn't kill you with fall damage now!

==== Version 1.0 ====-----

Dragons are now immune to One with Nature

Egg addiction script now double-checks to make sure egg placement is happening

Init script now restarts egg placement script if player is addicted

Voices are no longer distorted for mild withdrawal

It should no longer be possible to start the creature hunt before you experience withdrawal symptoms

Fixed some error logspam in the One with Nature script

Added a special music track for the final battle intro

Egg placement script now favors eggs the player doesn't have many of

All eggs now allow you to track the pink creature once the hunt has started

Final reward item is now vastly improved

Fixed a rare condition that caused one of the quests to fail

Fixed eggs sometimes still spawning after the creature is defeated

Pink hide is now called Pink Hide instead of Cow Hide

Changed rabbit attack sound slightly

Improved the creature's defenses against wild animals

Creature's trail no longer makes slaughterfish noises

Creature's charge attack no longer kills you with fall damage

Chill Out and Everybody Runs now immediately affect NPCs in combat

Reduced the weight of the eggs

Eggs are more creatively named

Withdrawal levels are now more clearly indicated.

Options are now available to disable custom music, volume alteration, flashing colors and the ripple effect if desired (requires MCM)

Fixed a couple of minor glitches in the final battle

==== Version 0.95b ====-----

Restored missing notifications. Gotta watch that "find in files" function...

==== Version 0.94b ====-----

Player AI on Berserk effect much improved

Giants and Mammoths are no longer immune to the Chill Out effect

Fixed some script errors that were causing log spam

Greatly reduced the odds of multiple eggs appearing in one place

Trip visuals now fade more quickly when the trip has ended

DoF effects in trips now ignore the sky, which makes the particles a bit more clear

Egg sound effect has been altered slightly to make it easier to pick out from background noise

Killer Bunny hallucination now goes for the throat rather than above the target's head

Imaginary Butterflies and their alchemy item now have their own texture

New feather particles have been added to the yellow chicken effect

Egg beacons can be disabled
Egg beacon size can be changed
Egg beacons can be set to hover in the air over the egg, rather than directly on it
Egg sound effect volume can be changed (or muted)
Eggs can have their havok physics disabled

==== Version 0.91b ====-----

Fixed path isssues in the BSA file, because Bethsoft can't tell a relative path from an absolute one. Thanks, guys. Great work.

==== Version 0.90 ====-----

Fixed Tsajami's final dialogue

Tweaked egg placement scripts to lower resource usage

Lowered volume of egg sound effect

Added very basic MCM support for tweaking egg placement

Fixed an egg that did nothing other than provide visuals.

Fixed a bug that would prevent your addiction from being cured after the final battle.

Changed the way the egg glow works if you find an egg while it's rolling around

==== Version 0.81 ====-----

Fixed egg spawning in interior cells

Fixed error message spam in Papyrus.log