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Ova the Rainbow - A psychedelic egg hunting adventure!
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Jun 9, 2013 @ 2:27pm
Jun 9, 2013 @ 3:20pm
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Ova the Rainbow - A psychedelic egg hunting adventure!

The search for a missing man leads to an psychedelic egg hunt unlike anything you've seen before!

1.01 - Initial Steam release!
Also available on Skyrim Nexus:

Yes, it's a little late for Easter... Steam Workshop is much harder to publish on than the Nexus due to all the CK bugs.

The Hunt
* Find colorful, hand-painted eggs hidden all over Skyrim's cities and wilderness.
* Dynamic placement means eggs are never hidden in the same place twice and the hunt can go on for as long as you like!
* Customize the egg placement and make the eggs as easy or hard to find as you like with MCM-enable tweaks!

The Eggs
* Each egg provides a unique, psychedelic experience when used.
* Many grant you powerful abilities, but at what cost?

The Source
* Where are the eggs coming from?
* Who is hiding them?
* What is the creature "all in pink"?

Meet Tsajami, a lone Khajiit woman living in a tent just south of Whiterun. Her friend has gone missing, and she needs your help. When you find him and read his journal, the egg hunt will begin.

* Pay attention to your quest log!
* Currently there is no way to restart the egg hunt once you have completed the final battle. This will be added in an update in the near future. In the meantime, make sure you have hunted all the eggs you want before you track down the Creature.
* Eggs are placed in real time as long as you're outdoors. You will find them tucked next to cliffs, in bushes, hollow logs, baskets or pots and sometimes even on open ground.
* Eggs emit a glow and a faint sound to make them easier to spot. This can be configured using MCM.
* Hunting in the same area for a long time will deplete it of eggs. It's better to keep moving.
* If you can hear an egg nearby but can't find it, it may have been placed in an unreachable spot. This bug has been largely eradicated.

This mod is a collaboration between me (Verteiron) and my wife (Syrcaid). Her original idea for an egg hunt took on a life of its own, and this mod is the result.

SkyUI/MCM and configuration
If you're running SkyUI 3.4 or higher (and you should be!) you can use the MCM to tweak almost every aspect of the eggs during the hunt. You may change the size of the egg beacons (the glow surrounding the egg), make it float in the air for easier visibility, and change when (or if!) it appears. You can change the egg sound effect to make them easier (or harder) to find. You can also tweak some variables in the placement script to reduce script latency or change the number of eggs you run across. If you find settings that work particularly well for you, please post them!

You can also enable or disable various visual effects and audio options. This is particularly useful if you are sensitive to flashing lights or motion sickness.

As of 1.01, if you do not use SKSE, a configuration book will be added to your inventory automatically. I wrote this specifically for you folks on Steam and it was a pain and you should feel horribly guilty for not using SKSE and SkyUI ;)

The egg placement script places a load on the script engine. Other very script-intensive mods may impede performance. You may find tweaking the placement script improves this. You can change the script settings in the config menu under Egg Options->Placement Options->Advanced.

If you play Skyrim with the in-game music turned off, you may find this mod turns it back on from time to time. This can be fixed by disabling the "Volume changes" option in the configuration menu under Effects->Audio.

Known Issues or Bugs
Rarely, an egg will get placed in an unreachable area. You can try shouting it down or blasting it out with a fireball.

Imaginary Butterflies (from the pink egg) are intended to be catchable but currently aren't. This is a Bethesda bug and will probably take some time for me to get fixed.

* Make the egg hunt and final battle repeatable.
* Give Tsajami something useful to do after the quest is over.
* Add a couple of additional visual effects and attacks to the final battle.

Script sources are included in the archive. Many of them are quite messy. Sorry about that.

1.01, 2013/06/09 - Added missing FaceGeom data, added config book for non-SkyUI users. Initial Steam release.
1.00, 2013/06/07 - Tons of fixes. See the changelog.
0.95, 2013/05/06 - Re-add some notifications that went missing in 0.94.
0.94, 2013/05/04 – Lots of bugfixes. Added customizable options to the egg beacon visuals and sound effects using MCM. See the changelog on Skyrim Nexus for complete details.
0.91, 2013/04/09 - Corrected path issues in the BSA file. Special thanks to Bethesda for making their tools as unhelpful as humanly possible.
0.90, 2013/04/05 - Various bugfixes. Tweaked the egg placement script to lower resource usage. Reduced egg sound effect volume.
0.81, 2013/03/31 – Fixed eggs spawning in interior cells.
0.80, 2013/03/31 – Initial beta release to Nexus.


Verteiron: Scripting, mod design, quest design, development
Syrcaid: Artwork, egg paintings, character design, voice of Tsajami

Custom music and sound effects were licensed for royalty-free usage and may not be redistributed outside of this mod.

Thanks to my lovely wife Syrcaid for the idea, artwork, and voice acting.
Thanks to Ducey, Alex Velicky, Chesko, Worm, dAb, Antares, gulogulo, isoku, Rongphale and anyone else I forgot over at the Bethsoft CK forums.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim and the Creation Kit.

Tools Used
Creation Kit
Freeverb 3

You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of this mod UNLESS your sole intent is to provide a translation of the mod to another language. In that case, please send me a link to the translated version and I'll thank you kindly for helping this reach a wider audience!

Custom music and sound effects were licensed at my expense for royalty-free usage and may not be redistributed outside of this mod.
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