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New Lunar Republic
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Aug 13, 2012 @ 11:51am
Mar 16 @ 7:42am
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Adds the New Lunar Republic, led by Princess Luna.

Trait: Tides Ever Favorable: Naval units get +2 Movement. Fishing Boats produce +1 Food.
UB: Watchtower Observatory: Half the science bonus of a normal Observatory, but doesn't require a mountain. Small defense bonus.
UU: Hovertank: more powerful than Modern Armor and ignores terrain costs, but also significantly more expensive

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and related names tm and (c) Hasbro, obviously. New Lunar Republic logo by Metrukuta/Emkay-MLP (source[emkay-mlp.deviantart.com]). Music by CarbonMaestro and Makkon (Peace, War). City names courtesy of Forderz.

* this should work for all versions, whether or not you have Gods & Kings and/or Brave New World
* also available through CivFanatics[forums.civfanatics.com]
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coyote477123 Apr 11 @ 7:22pm 
subscribed to this played a game against them and nuked the fudge out of them
SanguiniusReborn Apr 11 @ 11:33am 
@Royal Shield: Ah I got it now, thanks man. :)
Royal Shield Apr 9 @ 10:26am 
@SanguiniusReborn I had that problem before. Is the mod enabled? It won't load the game if the mod isn't enabled. The save relies on it.
SanguiniusReborn Apr 9 @ 5:49am 
I can't load my Lunar Republic save game, everytime I try I Civ stops working while on the loading screen. Anyone know how to fix this?
batran99 Apr 8 @ 1:33pm 
I can't select the leaders list even though it is in the mod list
tagalongdt Apr 6 @ 2:04am 
@Harald: I tried downloading twice from the workshop and once from the Civ Fanatics site all with the same issues. Finally I had my friend copy the files from his working mod and email them to me and those installed without any issue. Yay. I guess? I wish I knew what the actual problem was...
Harald B  [author] Apr 5 @ 11:50pm 
tagalongdt: I did a quick test on the CivFanatics download just now and it extracted fine. You probably just got bad luck with a corrupted download. Try deleting it and downloading it again.
Razorsteel: Sorry, I wouldn't know what's happening there or what to do about it. (Farm bug and spy names are the only ones I know to routinely cause crashes, and I fixed those for this a long time ago.) Maybe it's a compatibility issue with some other mod?
tagalongdt Apr 5 @ 8:22pm 
@Razorsteel: I just tried unpacking the mod manually with 7zip, since Steam/Civ V seemed to refuse to install the mod. Nearly every file came up broken, incomplete or corrupted. So...yeah, nothing to do but wait for Harald B. to notice and figure out what's up. Annoying, this was my favorite mod.
Razorsteel Mar 19 @ 9:32am 
this Mod seem to crash randomly ingame for me, sometime i can go less than 10 turn befor it crashs or 100, i try using the download on Civfanatics as well but its doing the same thing any ideas?
The Anglo-Saxon Mar 9 @ 5:23pm 
such a shame the unique unit comes after the world ends in 1945.