Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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(DEI Submod) True Legions for True Romans
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Jan 8, 2017 @ 2:25pm
Jan 9 @ 11:55am
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(DEI Submod) True Legions for True Romans

UPDATED / 09.07.2018 / download link is in the CHANGE NOTES SECTION

!!!Please read INSTRUCTIONS from CHANGE NOTES SECTION read carefully (or if you have trouble with the installation) before playing the mod!!!

V.2.0 preview!!/page25

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Based on authentic classical paintings portraying the Roman era,

Salve Friends, Romans, Citizens,

True Legions project as submod for (Divide et Impera mod), Romans at the very center of work covers not only the Romans. Including nearly all units of Italian peninsula and some tiers of Carthaginian and Epirote (AOR) units.

To complete such a colossal task we introduce over +300 unique shield patterns and new Scutum, Helmet, Armour models for Romans, Italics and Carthaginians (bonus content).

Our main goal is covering, enriching the looks of all Italian Peninsula units from Romans to Samnites to Etruscans give unique look and offer greater variety. And you'll notice the changes when you're campaigning in Italian Peninsula with or without Playing the Romans.

I hope you like the work and thanks for your support fellow Romans and citizens,


Team True Romans,

(alphabetical order)

Attila / texturing, reskin, shield patterns / team lead
Celticus / advanced texturing, historical research, testing
HighOnTea / 3D art, texturing and 3D modelling,
Solitudo / 3D art, texturing and 3D modelling,
Vandamsel / testing / feedback / historical research / PR / and all in game images of mod

DEI team for such a great mod to work with! Kaziel for his helmets and armors, Germansarecoming for early Linothorax variants, Stealth4Life for the brilliant Roman Subermalis, Hloeric for Praetorian and Gallic helmets. Thank you dear friends,


* Mod is fully compatible with the ALL versions of DEI. (it's a visual mod)
* If there's no conflicting with other unit mods: There are no missing textures, horses, equipment etc. (All tested)
* Don't forget to decompress/extract loading screens with 7z. tool. Mod is within the archived file.
* Don't forget to decompress/extract main mod with 7z. tool. Mod is within the archived file.
* This mod is a visual/graphical mod. No combat/unit stats, no other database related battle/campaign change is made
* Fully Save game compatible, (All tested)

(As a side note: True Legions vanilla version is part of Ancient Armies all factions total overhaul, not only the Romans)

Attila' Ancient Armies



For the modders, (post version 2.0)

Apart from the former versions we used extensively and exclusively created new models and textures (ours and external and permission granted) and many assets.

Without permission even if we've granted it before for some certain elements of the mod PLEASE ASK AGAIN specifically what and which part of the mod before putting (if we allow) them to your work.

Thank you!
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Attila  [author] Feb 6 @ 10:03am 
lol no worries ;) Good games
The Covenant Feb 6 @ 4:45am 
Thanks for putting up with my moronic comments ;) and thanks for replying!
Attila  [author] Feb 5 @ 1:19pm 
Just disable it. That'd do the work ;) I use the same method when i want to test or play any other mods.
The Covenant Feb 5 @ 12:05pm 
Or do I just disable it from the launcher like any other mod
The Covenant Feb 5 @ 11:51am 
Last question though, if I want to play other mods will I have to remove this mod from the data folder?
Attila  [author] Feb 4 @ 3:23pm 
Good for you :)
The Covenant Feb 4 @ 3:02pm 
Ahh I see! :)
Attila  [author] Feb 4 @ 10:38am 
No, you also need to download the main mod file (which is relatively large size for steam) and you'll be fine :P
The Covenant Feb 4 @ 9:48am 
So I'm fine if I have only subscribed? :P
Attila  [author] Feb 4 @ 9:47am 
Sub isn't even necessary just follow the instrucions and you'll be fine. (download / extract / other steps)