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I Can Fix It!
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Dec 12, 2016 @ 11:36am
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I Can Fix It!


"Yeah, boss?"

"Remind me why we're locked in a closet."

"There's wargs outside, boss. They'd probably eat us."



"Why are there wargs outside?"

"There was a gap in the wall, so they just, y'know, came right in."

"They just came right in?"

"Sure thing, boss. Just walked through the wall."

"How did they walk through the wall?"

"Well, there was a hole in the wall."

"And why was there a hole in the wall?"

"That was the raiders, boss. Blew it up with grenades."

"The raiders. Got it."

"Sure thing. Can't stand those raiders."


"Yeah, boss?"

"Did I, or did I not, tell you to repair the wall?"

"Sure did! Patched it all up in a few hours, just like you asked."

"Then *why was there a hole in the wall*?"

"Well, they destroyed that part of the wall, boss."

"And so you didn't repair it?"

"Can't repair it, boss. It's destroyed. Not there anymore."

"Could you . . . build a new wall, maybe? In the same spot as the old one?"

"Oh, yeah. Could've done that, I suppose."

"Why didn't you?"

"Didn't tell me to build a new wall, boss. Just repair the old wall."

"Right. Got it."

"Y'know . . . boss . . ."

". . . Yes?"

"Just occurred to me. Maybe I should have built a new wall?"

". . ."

"You know. Where the old one was."

". . ."

"And then the wargs wouldn't have gotten in."

". . ."

"And eaten our dogs."

". . ."

"And trapped us in this closet."

". . ."

"Maybe that would have been a good idea, boss?"

". . . Yes, Sparkles. That would have been a good idea."

"Great, boss! I'll do that next time."

"Wonderful. You do that."

"Glad I could help!"


"Yeah, boss?"

"How are you with melee weapons?"

"Terrible, boss!"

"Perfect. Here, take this spear."


Destroyed buildings will now leave behind a construction ghost, meaning that your builders will automatically rebuild things once they get a chance. Also, due to how bright construction plans are, it'll be a lot easier to see what's been destroyed.

Friends don't let friends get eaten by wargs.

Does not require a new save game - this can be transparently added and removed from any savegame you already have.

-- If you like this, toss me a buck or two on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ZorbaTHut --

-- Visit https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=26623.msg269336#msg269336 for more info and other mods --
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TЯNTY May 18 @ 5:02am 
The description made me lol :D
helldwarf May 10 @ 10:05am 
Just got the Zap event (where a conduit blew up along with my wooden walls) and must say this was very helpful. I also play with bots and so a lot of my stuff is automated for my colonists.
helldwarf May 10 @ 10:05am 
@[S2TR] Wolf that is likely.
[S2TR] Wolf May 10 @ 10:00am 
I feel like you make these mods off of stories that actually happened to you in game. hahah!
Daniel [GER] May 6 @ 6:39am 
I love that description :D
Gun III May 5 @ 9:17am 
That dialog xD
Battlefire May 2 @ 12:58pm 
I love this little dialog xD
Santooth Apr 30 @ 12:31am 
10/10 description
Fox Apr 29 @ 1:19pm 
Love the short story. You should do more.
Ich bin ein Otaku Apr 26 @ 10:23am 
"Sparkles?" - "Yeah Boss?" - "Do we ever had a problem with destroyed walls?" - "No..." - "Now we will never ever have it"
Awesome Story (and Mod)