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Inventory Cleaner
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Sep 9, 2016 @ 4:21pm
Oct 6, 2016 @ 5:55pm
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Inventory Cleaner

Removes items from your inventory so you don't have to! Works on your inventory or your dino's inventory. Can set a timer for it to clean your inventory every few seconds so you never get over-encumbered with junk while harvesting or fighting!

New Item:
Inventory Cleaner (crafts in your inventory)


1.) Equip the inventory cleaner and right click to open the options menu and select which items you wish to be cleaned from your inventory.

2.) Left click to clean your inventory of those items(or set the timer).


- Has timer function so your inventory will be cleaned as you work.

- Can be used while riding a dino and doesn't block the left attack, so every harvest attack will also clean your inventory (useful for not getting over-encumbered while fighting with harvesting dinos).

- Can choose between dropping items and destroying them.

Won't drop blueprints, saddles or metal weapons!

Mod ID: 760865850

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Oct 1 @ 12:45pm
[List] Servers using this mod:
Jūbei ☕
Sep 14, 2016 @ 1:21pm
Make the mod too block Recursos in gathering/harvest
Mar 21 @ 4:53am
Could it work while riding underwater dinos?
< >
Dash | Mobstar Nov 1 @ 11:01am 
Making it so that you can select to quality of said weapons and armor would be perfect <3
Odium Oct 22 @ 3:38pm 
Awesome Mod ... love it and overuse it every play session.

How difficult would it be to work the mod so you can tell it to drop all but like 1 stack of meat for keeping animals fed while farming ... My squid starts eating pearls when I am not paying attention and drop all the fish lol
Knyteshade Aug 5 @ 5:04pm 
Thumbs up!

And I have a new Feature Request! Please add support for the new harvest items which were recently added. E.g. The "Fern Plant" and the "Vinca Flowering Plant". Thanks!
Captain_Pansy Jul 31 @ 11:58am 
@royalogic same here. after server restart, the settings are reset.
Doc Holliday Jul 27 @ 8:05am 
For armor, it should not be cleaning anything but primitive and ramshackle cloth. It's lost me multiple sets of scuba gear and some flak. May have to stop using it. :(
royalogic May 11 @ 6:50pm 
some of my players have complained that the device resets after daily system reboots.
Off The Land Mar 22 @ 8:29am 
Obsolete- catch you all on my Iguanodon getting seeds. Hahha
Raught Mar 21 @ 4:53am 
Amazing mod! Really makes gathering a lot less tedious. It seems though Raw Fish doesn't drop Raw Fish Meat, I'm thinking the Meat part was left off in the script. As Raw Meat is Raw Meat, where as Fish is Fish Meat cuz Ark. lol
Darinth Mar 6 @ 7:06am 
Just occured to me... any chance to do filtering in a fashion more akin to how most firewalls do filtering? Use a set of criteria that can be specific or vague until one of them matches, and then stop at the first match. So I could set rules that say "Stone tool, Remove", "Quality is journeyman or better, Keep", "Item is Prime Meat, Keep", "Item is blueprint, Keep", "Everything, Remove". With this set of rules it processes each one at a time until it finds a match. It'd remove all stone tools, regardless of quality. It'd keep everything that is journeyman or higher quality, all prime meat, all blueprints, and delete everything else.
Sunder (Arcangelbjr) Feb 9 @ 10:47pm 
checkboxing only "Raw Fish" does not remove it from the Baryonyx's inventory when having the inventory cleaner equipped and left click attacking. However when i have just the "Raw Meat" box selected it cleans the inventory of both raw fish meat and raw meat.