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Freedom of Movement
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Jul 30, 2016 @ 12:20am
Jun 9 @ 1:31pm
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Freedom of Movement

Removes a few restrictions that prevent chaining movement and tech abilities together and buffs distortion sphere speed.

Dash techs no longer prevent jumping or clamp momentum on ending.
Sprint tech no longer prevents multi-jump.
Blink dash can now be used in the air and no longer drops the player.
Clinging to a wall with wall jump tech resets multi-jump.

Launch speed of sonic sphere increased 50%.
Distortion spheres except for spike have increased speed and reduced friction.
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vgcatsfan Aug 17 @ 7:43pm 
the better dash tech (makes you dash/sprint by pressing W with a direction refuses to work with this mod.
keylocke Jul 27 @ 7:08am 
can you shoot while clinging to wall? if not, can you add that?
Neochiken Jul 11 @ 5:20pm 
Is this supposed to have a compatability issue with better dash? I cant seem to get both of them working at the same time
Superdup01 Jul 11 @ 9:58am 
Y E S .
Bloðbrand Jun 10 @ 4:10pm 
It's fixed now; thanks @TyrannosaurusHax.
Hinanawi-sama Jun 10 @ 10:32am 
Usually the best way is to delete all of Starbound's workshop files and then Reverify the cache. It'll force a workshop scan and reaquire subscriptions. Only takes a minute max for the verify on a non-SSD.
- - TyrannosaurusHax  [author] Jun 9 @ 9:51pm 
As this might be relevant to some people for other mods,

If you have the steam version, you can extract any starbound mod for tinkering or a DRM free copy. Find the workshop mod files in steamapps\workshop\content\211820\ , and un/packer applications under Starbound\win32\ .
- - TyrannosaurusHax  [author] Jun 9 @ 9:43pm 
I had to resubscribe to this mod to force an update via steam. That may be the issue for anyone having problems as of the update.
- - TyrannosaurusHax  [author] Jun 9 @ 9:41pm 
Kuuchan Jun 9 @ 6:01pm 
Any possibility of this being uploaded to the Chucklefish forums, for those of us who have Starbound through GOG instead of Steam? Pretty please! :)