Portal 2

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AllisonByProxy's Test Chambers
Just a handy collection of all my test chambers! I will update this collection as I create new ones.
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Test Chamber 01: Mousetrap
Created by AllisonByProxy
A short Rube Goldberg type puzzle. Fun for all ages!...
Test Chamber 02: Live Together, Die Alone.
Created by AllisonByProxy
Your faithful companion is your only hope. Be good to one another. *Newly updated* You should not be able to get stuck now. <3...
Test Chamber 03: Hands Off
Created by AllisonByProxy
Simple puzzle solved using only portals. No touching!...
Test Chamber 04: Four Rooms
Created by AllisonByProxy
Are you as crafty as Ted the bellhop? Find out as you attemt to survive 4 increasingly perilous situations. Save often!...
Test Chamber 05: Applied Gel Sciences
Created by AllisonByProxy
In this 5th test you will need to use all your Gel related tricks. Gellin' Like Magellan!...
Test Chamber 06: What Kind of Test Has it Been
Created by AllisonByProxy
A look behind the scenes of your average puzzle. Don't forget to walk and talk your way through this test....
Easy Way Out
Created by AllisonByProxy
The exit is right there. How hard could it be?...
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SGT-Neophyte Jun 13, 2013 @ 3:25am