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Long War SMG Pack
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Dec 17, 2015 @ 9:10am
May 12 @ 12:37pm
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Long War SMG Pack

By Long War Studios

Adds three new submachine gun-type weapons to the game, one per tech level, for the XCOM side. They offer bonus mobility, concealment and close-range accuracy, at a penalty to damage and long-range accuracy relative to the assault rifle.

Bonus concealment means enemies' detection range (red tiles) is reduced against units with these weapons equipped.

They can be equipped by any XCOM unit that can equip assault rifles.

This mod was commissioned by 2K Games to be released with XCOM 2.

Design Lead: John "JohnnyLump" Lumpkin
Technical Lead: Rachel "Amineri" Norman
Modelling, textures: James "JCLewis" Karlson
Textures: Robert "Baszermaszer" Bakos

v2 update (3/14/2016)
- Fixes issue caused by 3/10 main game patch that was preventing SMGs from upgrading properly
- Fixes issue caused by directly upgrading from conventional to beam SMGs causing you to lose weapon addons
- Improvements to textures

v3 update (3/29/2016)
- Fixes issue in which upgrading SMGs in engineering while one is equipped to a soldier gave that soldier a second invisible SMG, conferring double mobility benefits and causing two shot and overwatch icons to appear. Note this probably won't fix soldiers in existing campaigns who received the double bonus.

v4 update (5/12/2016)
- Fixes issue caused by 5/12 main game patch that was giving you only 1 SMG at campaign start
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CombatMist Sep 7 @ 6:00pm 
Wish you could use smg in secondary weaplon slots. That would be fun. Give your sharp shooter an smg instead ROFL. Could see pacticle uses of rangers with rifle for long range and smg for short range as secondary weapon.
CombatMist Sep 7 @ 5:58pm 
Tried SMG + reaper ranger. I was still not impressed by reaper and melee. I want to love it but shot FUNS and/or hunter instinct are just too good alone and even more when combined. Yes its a bit crazy an smg gives more mobiilty than anything short of maxed out and GTC buffed mobility PCS and only by 1. I think the smg speed bonus really should only be 1-2. Can I attach my sword/axe to my smg and turn it into a gun blade? Now that deserve the +3 speed.
CombatMist Sep 7 @ 5:55pm 
Reasons to use smg are: When you dont rely on primary weapon damage. Such as psi op who should only be using guns for overwatch and the speed boost means easier to get in range for abiltites. Specialist dont have overwatch perks which could justify using a rifle instead for more damage. I have found using smg on specalist same as psi op. They just want the speed to get in range of their perks. Smg on rangers could be useful for melee or ranged tactics but mostly for melee and reaper. Smg ranger with rapid fire could be decent as it would but that much easier to get in range and flank in theory in exchange for less total damage.
travaler1257 Aug 19 @ 12:06pm 
Is this absolutly nessisary for the LW classes to work? I never use them and only installed them because another mod sad it was needed. I have other weapon mod that has SMGs. so can i uninstall them and still use the LW classes? (Forgive my english it is my 3rd language.)
Kunovega Aug 17 @ 12:46pm 
@generalchace Stand alone...

"longwar" was a mod for XcomEU/EW not for Xcom2. You do not "need longwar" for any Xcom2 mods. The team that made the original Longwar mod for XcomEU/EW is now "Longwar Studios" and makes mods for Xcom2.

Most mods in the workshop will be clearly marked in the description if they require another mod to function (typically they would be extensions of something like the add ons for grimys loot mod, for example)
generalchace Aug 14 @ 2:06pm 
do you need longwar or can you ust get this seperate
Deadput Aug 7 @ 9:02am 
Then don't purposely give him all the mobility movement bonuses you did that you made him op.

The bonus is here to stay but go find the ini file if you want to change it.
MORROGANDER Aug 7 @ 6:22am 
veteran difficulty btw
MORROGANDER Aug 7 @ 6:20am 
The mobility boost is far too op... My SHINOBI with serpent king armor, hunter axe, trait reaper and Implacable, can literally kill every non-boss enemies in one turn... Even the 3 rulers cant do the same... My best record is killing 9 enemies in one single turn with me axes... Wait, i'm wielding a SMG not some kinda drugs? Even the rulers' armors only give me 1 point of mobility...
neuromancer Aug 6 @ 8:03pm 
I've never actually found a reason to use these