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Proper Hardness
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Apr 7, 2015 @ 6:14am
Jun 6, 2015 @ 7:36am
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Proper Hardness

Configurable difficulty overhaul mod, workers must go to work, traffic takes much longer to despawn, fire spreads a lot more, buildings level up sensibly, extra panel which displays exactly what you need to level a building up, adjusted a lot of costs, revamped income system to factor in commute time and happinness, and various other tweaks. You can select different options for each saved city.

*Note: Because of the way cims decide to use a vehicle or not, some cims will try to walk to work and fail if they are too far away and there is no public transport. So for now public transport is mandatory with this mod (although cims can walk quite far).

If you're getting 0 income it means there is a conflict with another mod which modifies the building AIs. This includes the "Random Name" mod!
Do not use with extended building information, this mod already includes that.

Detailed Changes:

Added config options.

Added a wealth counter to residential buildings, every time a worker leaves for work or to shop it goes down, when the worker succeeds in reaching their destination it goes up. Your tax rate affects the amount it goes up by. Needs to pass a threshhold to level up the building, and the building will get abandoned if it gets too low (will show low land value problem).

Income is dependant on the cims working (unemployed cims make no money, that includes those in school). Income is based on cim's happinness, education, commute time, and health. If you're struggling to balance your budget, build some parks and bus routes!

Added commute wait time. This is not the distance cims have to travel but the time they spend waiting (at bus/train stops or in traffic).

Click on any residential building to see the wealth level. It will show the (current wealth level) / (wealth level needed to level up)

Made it much more likely for fire to spread.

Added flooding disaster.

New window when you click on buildings to tell you exactly what a building needs to level.

Trains now have greatly increased capacity.

Low denstiy zoning buffed.

Industry produces much more pollution.

Made it much harder for traffic to despawn.

Made it much harder for Cims taking public transport to despawn.

Tripled the number of residents who travel to offices.

25% progression milestone cash reward.

Increased construction costs (especially highways, subways, and wonders).

Increased maintenance costs by 40%.

Greatly increased unlock price and allow 25 tiles.

Increased starting funds by 30k.

Increased tax rate effect on happiness.

Workers were less likely to want to go to work when a lot of cars were out, removed this.

Cims live a little longer (more seniors in your city), this should also have the benefit of having less spiky death spikes.

If you like my mods you can further support me by checking out my own game currently currently on Steam Greenlight, thanks!

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consider a lite version?
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Aug 20, 2015 @ 3:20pm
Low Land Value
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Aturchomicz Nov 25 @ 2:31am 
gravage Jun 1 @ 1:50pm 
Good luck Senor.
supermarket Jun 1 @ 6:24am 
I have all the DLC and trying to bring this mod back to life. Hopefully.
gravage Apr 13 @ 5:55am 
@dferdo_04 This mod doesn't work, it was abandoned a long time ago. You can read my last couple comments to find alternative mods that do much, if not more the same when employed in aggregate.
dferdo_04 Apr 13 @ 3:59am 
Does this work with the Rush Hour Mod?
gravage Mar 28 @ 5:32am 
@CreepyD To address fire issues you might like:
"Fire Spread [ Fixed for C:S 1.3.2+ ]":

Be careful with that one, whole cities have burned down when the settings are too radical. You can adjust to your preference.

"Rain Firefighting":
gravage Mar 28 @ 5:31am 
@CreepD I was a big fan of this mod also. I now use a pretty excellent mod called "Difficulty Tuning":

That mod addresses a lot of the features of "Proper Hardness"

For more realistic citizen behavior I use;
"Realistic Population and Consumption Mod v8.2.2:
"Resident Travel Rebalance v1.1":
"Citizen Lifecycle Rebalance v2.1":

To save you from having to spam service bldg you can use "Service Radius Adjuster":

I don't think I've seen any new mods that state specifically that it has"revamped income system to factor in commute time and happiness" but in my cities my revenue seems to drop if I have a regularly congested traffic.

I hope that helps you.
CreepyD Mar 25 @ 4:04pm 
I haven't played Skylines in a long time as nobody has come close to what this mod did.
The main things I liked: "workers must go to work, buildings level up sensibly, revamped income system to factor in commute time and happiness".
The way that part of this mod worked was genius and should be in the base game. I just came looking for anyone who's done anything similar to this to see if it's worth playing again, and could only find this. Sad :-(
xxx78 Feb 25 @ 6:35pm 
@ [CC] Clone Cadet
Im not sure hat you ask, but if you look for a mod where you can disable, change intensity, and change the chance of each disaster to happen, there is a great mod for this:
Ragnarok - More disaster controls