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[BNW] Smart AI
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Mar 1, 2014 @ 6:27am
Mar 9, 2014 @ 1:33pm
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[BNW] Smart AI

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This is an AI upgrade in their behaviour, doesn't change the game mechanics, and doesn't change any database variable to do so. AI use their knowledge based on what they see and know and perform moves much like a human would do. The goal of this patch is to make the AI perform better, respecting how AI works.

V2 version treat some economic-related issues, on next version I will refine the economic department, unit build priorities and focus on diplomacy issues.

This mod replaces BNW Core Assembly (Dll), any other mod that also edits the core dll would be incompatible with it. All lua and/or database mods should work with this mod without problems.

This mod is in beta stage, should be stable anyways. I strongly encourage people to give feedback on how the mod really works, and any crash that may occur.

V1 changes:

- AI ranged units are always able to move AND shoot on the same turn. (fully tested)

- AI should not attack over and over a city with 1 HP remaining. (partially tested)

- AI should use air sweep missions/interceptions more consistently. (fully tested)

- AI now doesn't randomly embark to water tiles (partially tested)

- AI should use Great people more effectively, plant some improvements, early, and later use GP powers. (partially tested)

- AI will not use obsolete/no value items as part of a deal if asked to balance things out. (partially tested)

- AI will now choose promotions in a more random fashion, still prioritizing on better promotions. (fully tested)

V2 changes:

- AI will start disbanding archeologists if there are not valid targets. Stop making archeologists sooner than on the original dll. (partially tested)

- AI will enphasize a bit more on workers. (fully tested)

- AI will purchase units and buildings in cities under certain conditions, on the original only purchase units for operations and for defensive purposes, and no building purchase. (fully tested)

- AI will disband long obsolete units like triremes on industrial era. (fully tested)

- AI will evaluate with a decent importance science grand strategy at renaissance, on original was largely ignored until apolo program and latest eras. (fully tested)

- AI will make better policy choices ignoring grand strategy until medieval and giving less importance to opening branches vs unlocked branches. (partially tested)

- AI will upgrade more units per turn if there are lots of units that can be upgraded. Will also upgrade air units more often. (fully tested)

- Corrected an unusual bug that could make the game crash when a settler was ordered by AI. (partially tested)
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Oct 18, 2014 @ 7:29pm
How do you know if this mod is turned on and working?
Nov 26, 2014 @ 1:52pm
AI Modding
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Balrogic 7 hours ago 
Causes a CTD while running Ubuntu. Real shame.
o_de_winne Jul 10 @ 5:16am 
Can I use this mod in a saved game?
Sucks-At-Video-Games Jun 28 @ 2:55pm 
When I suscribe, it does not appear in my mods list:/ is there any way to resolve this issue?
George W. Bush Jun 25 @ 9:47am 
I like this. Wars with an AI with twice the no. of cities that I own should be costly and bloody affairs unless they are fighting on multiple fronts against equally strong forces. It is not perfect, but that gives the feel of playing against a human opponent (they love to pillage your lands a lot more). The conversion mod I'm using helps too, since it gives them helicopter-esque units that do not need to embark on crossing ocean/lake tiles and can move over mountains like Carthaginians and removes most of the powerful lategame range units we've all come to love.

Either way, I forsee myself fighting for a very long time. I think victory is possible...

In the Year 2200 AD (standard speed).
George W. Bush Jun 24 @ 5:02pm 
It was out of the blue kind of backstab. I totally expected him to go after his other neighbors (Belgians). He even asked me for assistance some turns before the DOW. Turns out he wanted my 2nd city and cap that I just gotten back from the Poles (an epic 400 years tale for another day) And now the two remaining powerful civs (Shoshone and mod-England) are asking me for open borders. Lesson learned.

(good god the unit spam - so crazy, I thought I was playing Immortal)
George W. Bush Jun 24 @ 4:55pm 
I kinda take it back - playing with Aggressive AI mod and some others (Age of Iron & Coal) in a Renaissance start, the AI is pretty crazy aggressive in spamming cities and units. Holy crap, the Italians launched a backstabbing sneak attack right after we both took down our common enemy the Poles. The worst part was that I gave them open borders and friendship treaty and told them not to settle near me - they took out it by nearly taking away my hardwon gains. It was only thanks to some heavily promoted naval range that I could strike back and force them to peace. Throughout the entire time, they were spamming units nonstop and using them with frightening logic!
George W. Bush Jun 23 @ 8:33am 
(all this was played on Emperor diff.)
George W. Bush Jun 23 @ 8:03am 
I noticed the AI builds less military units than they should, even when at war. Don't think I saw them rushbuying much either, and this is playing with Aggressive & Expansive AI Mod. Is this a bug or feature?

(I do like them not spamming archaeologists, and the shoot-move - much better range threat from the computers now, though they still forget to bring land melee units to take non-coastal cities that are within reach of their naval range units)
Castfinder Jun 12 @ 2:04am 
Hi could please make this compatible with the 43 civ mod dll and civ 4 diplomacy mod. I feel like combining all 3 mods together would make not just the Ai but game overhall to a new level.
thanks for your help
ninakoru  [author] May 30 @ 5:46pm 
Sorry, I doubt it has anything to do with that behaviour.