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Drink Eat Sleep Bathe
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Apr 7, 2012 @ 4:58pm
Nov 17, 2013 @ 1:40pm
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Drink Eat Sleep Bathe

+ Dawnguard compatible, not required
+ Hearthfire addon here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=107644365
+ Dragonborn addon here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=127448332

Nexus version: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/29025

Encourages the player to drink, eat, sleep and bathe to stay effective in combat.

This mod is customizable through an in-game menu system. To access it, cast the "Adjust Needs" Power on yourself. The power allows you to enable or disable your needs - hunger, thirst, tiredness and cleanliness - individually. You can also adjust the rates and thresholds for each and optionally remove the spell entirely once you have finished configuration.

Most recent changes:
July 20 - Revision 17 (preview: http://youtu.be/7gznGtgtt8s)
+ Added MCM support, awards free soap, water bottle and wash cloth upon update
+ Added ability to change Sleep parameters to match Hunger/Thirst/Dirtiness (not shown in video)
+ Corrected issue where soaps gave incorrect bonuses
+ Corrected issue where animation sometimes caused teleportation
+ Shortened the names of the soaps to fit more neatly in the inventory screen
+ Corrected spelling mistake for "Scent of Lavender"
+ Changed some properties of special water bottles slightly
+ Changed default settings to uniformly be 'off' instead of some 'on' and some 'off'

Every game hour that passes will cause you to grow slightly hungrier, thirstier, dirtier and more tired.
You may enable or disable needs and animation-play-back at any time.

** Tiredness is enabled by default. Hunger, thirst and cleanliness are disabled by default. **

Eating foods, drinking liquids, sleeping in beds, and washing yourself in water will reduce your hunger, thirst, tiredness and dirtiness respectively. Different food items will restore you by different amounts and each item will indicate their abilities in their descriptions. For example: Large, cooked foods will restore large amount of your hunger. Small foods, like apples, will restore only a small amount of hunger.

- Full: Health and Magicka recover 10% faster (default 12 hours)
- Not Hungry: Your performance remains unaffected (default 24 hours)
- Hungry: Health and Magicka recover 50% slower (default 24 hours)
- Starving: Health and Magicka no longer recover until you eat enough food to revert to "Hungry."
+ Corpses will greatly reduce hunger for Werewolves and cannibals.
+ Vampires do not require food.

- Quenched: Stamina recovers 10% faster and shouts recover slightly faster (default 12 hours)
- Not Thirsty: Your performance remains unaffected (default 24 hours)
- Thirsty: Stamina recovers 50% slower and shouts recover much more slowly (default 24 hours)
- Dehydrated: Stamina no longer recovers and shouts recover drastically slower until you drink enough liquid to revert to "Thirsty."
+ Corpses will greatly reduce thirst for Werewolves and cannibals.
+ Vampires do not require water.
+ Inn Keepers now have a chance to sell inexpensive River Water and Spring Water if you prefer not to drink alcohol.
+ You can refill water bottles by standing in water and using the Empty Water Bottle.

The original Bethesda sleeping perks are left mostly intact.
When any of the normal sleep buffs expire they will bring you to the "Not Tired" state.
- Not Tired: Your performance remains unaffected. This progresses to "Tired" after 12 hours without sleep.
- Tired: All skills improve 15% slower. Attack damage is reduced by 15%. Spell effectiveness is reduced by 15%. This progresses to "Exhausted" after 24 additional hours without sleep.
- Exhausted: All skills improve at a 30% slower. Attack damage is reduced by 30%. Spell effectiveness is reduced by 30%. This lasts until you get some sleep.
+ Werewolves and users of the Lover Stone do not receive the Bethesda sleeping perks. They proceed directly to "Not Tired" when sleeping.

- Clean: Speechcraft is 10% more effective
- Not Dirty: Your performance remains unaffected
- Dirty: Speechcraft is 15% less effective and you appear dirty
- Filthy: Speechcraft is 30% less effective and you appear filthy
+ To clean yourself you must be standing in water or swimming when you use your Wash Rag. Washing requires soap.
+ Various soaps can be crafted from Troll Fat and various flowers at a cooking pot.

- If you experience problems after upgrading (like becoming Well Rested and Exhausted at the same time) you need to use the following console commands to recalibrate the variable tracking:
help "TRRBDrinkEatSleepBatheQuest"
stopquest XXXX4366
startquest XXXX4366
(where XXXX4366 is the ID given to you from the 'help' command)

- New food and drink items introduced through mods will not replenish your hunger or thirst.
- Mods that remove or add water assets may prevent the refilling of water bottles and bathing. In some cases, putting this mod after any water mods in the load-order may help.
- Mods that alter Vampirism/Werewolves may prevent this mod from detecting you as a vampire/werewolf depending on what parts of the scripts are altered.
- Mods that alter Sleep may prevent you from resting and/or getting tired.

Please note that if you wish to uninstall the mod you should disable all effects before doing so through the "Adjust Needs" spell or MCM.
Failure to do so may unintentionally cause negative effects to persist on your character even after the spells causing the effects are removed and no longer listed under "Active Effects."
This is due to a known issue with the CreationKit: http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1352954-unofficial-creation-kit-modding-bug-list-3/page__st__60__p__20580914#entry20580914

All script source code should be included in the .bsa
Everything added may be found in the CreationKit by filtering for the prefix "TRRB"
Please feel free to edit/translate/learn from/redistribute this mod or any part of it.
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