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Rain World
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Jan 13 @ 5:19pm
Jan 21 @ 1:09pm
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Linux stretch goals announced!
Release date: Fall / Winter 2014
Kickstarting now!

Linux stretch goals announced:

Rain World is a challenging survival platformer set in an abandoned industrial environment scourged by a shattered eco-system. Bone-crushing intense rain pounds the surface regularly, making life as we know it almost impossible. The creatures in this world hibernate most of the time, but in the few brief dry periods they go out searching for food.

You are a lonely nomadic slugcat, both predator and prey in this land. You must hunt enough food to survive another cycle of hibernation. Other - bigger - creatures have the same plan.

Inspired by the aesthetics and simplicity of 16-bit classics, the gameplay consists of platforming and fast paced sneaking; both sneaking on your prey and sneaking in order to avoid larger creatures. A large focus of the development has been on enemy AI: they are cunning, vicious and they are always hunting you.


* Sneak, climb, and pounce your way through an exotic alien landscape full of hidden secrets and undiscovered dangers.

* Nimble controls and unique physics-and-code based animation gives characters a natural fluidity of movement and intuitive weight, for lighting quick high-wire action.

* Intense, primal predator encounters will challenge your reflexes. Limited resources and the constant impending threat of rain will test your nerve. This is not an easy game!

* Open-ended sandbox style narrative lets you make life-or-death choices... and deal with the consequences.

* Co-operative and up to 4 player competitive gameplay: deathmatches, endurance, waves, custom challenges, etc.

Rain World is currently in alpha and we are kickstarting the final leg of development, expecting a release date of fall 2014. For more information, please see:

Thanks for looking!
--James & Joar
Project Rain World
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Daisuki desu <3 Jul 27 @ 11:55pm 
Waiting is so hard, dayum Q_Q
PsychoFox Jul 20 @ 9:50am 
will it be free?
Fuzzy Socks Jul 14 @ 4:45pm 
This game has already been greenlit, but I would greenlight it if it wasn't already. I am going to get this game as soon as it comes out- it looks awesome!!!!!! the graphics are so smooth and realistic, I'm going to tell all my friends about it.
Карась Ренат Jul 7 @ 11:16am 
Очень жду эту игру!

It's more than just game, it's have a good atmosphere, I'd buy it)
kimjoy2002 Jun 28 @ 6:38am 
Foozer Jun 25 @ 9:44am 
very cool game
Falharken Jun 17 @ 2:03pm 
Looking forward for this to come out on steam cant wait to play this game. A big plus about this game is how the enemy react to being hit by a rock or spear its pretty realistic how they freak out... Good luck on this
贱人就是矫情 Jun 14 @ 7:51am 
Agent Jun 1 @ 6:37pm