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CSGO - Custom Wintermaps
Hallo Leute

Wir möchten euch hier unsere Custom-Winter-Map-Vorschläge für CS:GO vorstellen..
Wir haben hierbei besonders mit darauf geachtet, das auch die Grafik und Soundkulisse auch von CS:GO ist., denn eine CS:S Grafik würde hier nicht passend sein.

Wir werden die Kollektion natürlich auf dem Laufenden halten.
Die neu hinzugefügten Maps sind dann immer unten angeführt.

Und nun wünschen wir euch viele nette Stunden deim Daddeln.

LG Heipau

PS: Es würde uns freuen, wenn ihr diese Kollektion auch kommentiert und bewertet (oben links unter dem Bild).

Hi Guys

We want you here our Custom Winter Map proposals for CS: GO imagine ..
We have paid particular attention here to the fact that the graphics and sound but also of CS:. GO is because a CS: S graphics would not be appropriate here.

We will keep the collection up to date, of course.
The newly added maps are then always cited below.

And now we wish you many nice hours deim Daddeln.

LG Heipau

PS: We would be pleased if you also commented on this collection and rated (top left under the picture).
Items (46)
Created by Cleric
A missile base is under attack and its up to the SAS to defend the site. Terrorists are attempting to destroy either the launcher itself or the facilities' launch control room.

-Map is good for up to 17v17.
-Features custom textures and models.
-PAC3 laun...
Created by Tanuki
Bomb defusal in a decomissioned base. This medium sized map specializes in corridor fighting and map control....
Chemical plant is a large production plant located in snowy mountains.
Player spawns 64
At current map has only been bot balanced. Multi player balances will be coming in a few months....
Falcons nest is a US Air Force themed radar station. Contains scripted light effects when doors open and broken glass hurts for about 5 seconds. An AFK killer in t spawn due to they have the objective. Contains moving stealth jet and Satellite dishs in ...
Created by Avo
A complex of buildings embedded in snowy canyons and a large frozen sea at the bottom.

The map is in a non-final state. All feedback is greatly appreciated!

Classic competitive CSS map brought to CSGO

Original CSS author : CoKie...
Created by catfood
*Imported from CS:Source*

map made by: catfood

catfood server:

In this map you play in a small mountain village where the famous catbeer factory is under attack by terrorists.

the Counter-Terrorists will have to protect the facto...
de_winter_forest is a map created by me (JorisCeoen) for a gamebanana Winter Wonderland Contest. It reached the 6th place, with less than 1 point between me and everyone that made the top 5. Anyway I think it's a worthwhile map to play, especially for snip...
Created by Overlord
Plane with extremely valuable information crashed in the horrible place where the nature does not spare anybody. The terrorists have learned about what happens in these places and in a hurry to get this things. Who take its toll?...
Created by Collector
Xmas time in the village...

update: fixed wrong info decals bomb site in terrorist spawn....
Created by leplubodeslapin
Map de_print made by leplubodeslapin
Models made by Nicoreda

At the end of the winter, an old printing house in ex-soviet USRR has planned to reopen and publish terrorists plans and crucial information. Terrorists must avoid this by destroying the prin...
Created by System User
This is the current version used on Games4u. The full collection of maps can be found at:

Updates are managed by Games4u....
Created by ShmoeHAMMAD
A remote snowy military style training facility.

Changes in this version:
-Revamped bomb site A to decrease the "too open" feeling and the amount of areas to check for enemies
-GREATLY increased FPS throughout the map
-Decreased the bomb radius
de_north sea -beta version-
A small map that plays on a building site in the northe sea.
The construction engineers are corrupt and they want to blow up the construction zones.

Note: This is my first map.
The Skybox is not finished.
There is no Hudmap.

Created by marcopixel
Middle-sized winter bomb/defuse map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Collaborative project between me (project idea, detailing, optimizing) and Pavle Bodi (defragen1; lighting, gameplay improvements.). Remake of his own map, de_frost for Counter-S...
Created by Steelside
Beta v13
Map features architecture reminiscent of the town of Riften in Bethesda's TESV: Skyrim.
Features: Vertical Gameplay and Tunnels 3 paths per bombsite.
Currently being hosted by Clan [VPP]:
Server 1:
Inferno Winter
Created by C L 3 A N ! `´ ♥
'de_inferno_winter' est la modification de 'de_inferno' (matchmaking).

Si vous voulez le radar télécharger le ici :


Created by 3kliksphilip
Winter defuse map set in the frozen ruins of some old castle place with viaducts and other cool things. Properly playtested for weeks, might be slightly smaller than most defuse maps are due to its compact layout....
Created by UNREAL
Winner of the GameBanana Winter Wonderland Mapping Contest![]

The government have supposedly hidden super secret files in a remote house in the snow, belong to a former em...
Created by :]
De_core is a competitive map taking place in a secret U.S. Nuclear Weapons Facility somewhere in Alaska. Terrorists are trying to destroy a reactor core and a storage containing nuclear warheads.

The map's first release was 2010 for CS:S and in cooperatio...
Created by toxicologist
ein alter Klassiker aus 1.6 Zeiten den ich schon fuer CS:S nachgebaut hatte und nun fuer CS:GO aufbereitet habe. Viel Spaß damit !...
Created by Mendaxyz

A traditional German village is raided by Balkan terrorists on a cold morning. The GSG-9 are dispatched in response to this threat.

This is a defuse map (de_coldwater)
Contains 2 bomb sites
Each side has...
Created by Deh0lise
Detroit is not what it used to be... gangs have established all over the city and are using old facilities to hide contraband goods and drugs without police intervention. Not anymore, CTs have planed it for long and tonight the order will be restored....
Created by Single
de_lodge (ver 1.1), a defuse map for CS:GO, by Single.

The terrorists plan is to blow up either the safe in the lobby (site A), or the gas tanks outside (site B). The SWAT team got an anonymous tip-off, and were able to make it to the lodge in time to p...
Created by 3kliksphilip
A competitive map where CTs must protect the quaint little mountain town from an ever-growing corporate monster that's hiring terrorists to blow stuff up

Watch a trailer for the level here!...
Created by Serialmapper
This a defuse map featuring 2 bombsites and 40 spawnpoints. It was thorougly tested, optimized and adjusted on CSGO1.ASTRAMANIA.RO on 5vs5 and on fully load of 38 players in order to ensure a balanced, fluid and rewarding gameplay. This map marks the 10'th...
Created by 3kliksphilip
A new and altered version of de_sparity set at night!

It's kind of the same, and yet also completely different!
* Includes all of the updates de_sparity has
* Inverted layout
* Complete freedom to explore everywhere...
Created by Serialmapper
This is the official map of the Astramania community, tested and optimized on CSGO1.ASTRAMANIA.RO with real players.
The map contains advertisements to this server. The map has a balanced layout and offers many combat options.

The action has place in a...
de_winternights (beta 5)
Created by ShmoeHAMMAD
Bomb Version! (per request of

Original map designed by: Warbeast
Recreated in CS:Source by: flanders
Skybox: T-R-O-N
Christmas models: Mr. Kit
Beertap model: Unknown (if this is yours please let me know so I can credit you)...
Rime - Hostage Rescue Map
Created by ScottehBoeh
This map is based in far north Kurdistan where a group of terrorists have 2 hostages captive
Edge Winter
Created by trash
The Festive version of my map "Edge".

Hope the holiday season is great for all the gamers and smurfs alike ;)

Oringal Map 'Edge'

--> <--

Created by jakuza
This is the beta(leaning toward final) of de_royal, so there might still be graphical bugs and stuff. I would really appreciate it if you point out any you find. Thanks!

Update: 3rd place in the Mapcore + Reddit CS:GO mapping contest! Thanks to those wh...
Created by Codewise Gaming
de_Codewise_Snow a x-mas themed Bomb Defusal, CS:GO Map! Go crackers in our winter funderland version of the Codewise office!

Crash Snow
Created by The Kommissar
A CSGO remake of COD4's iconic mp_crash_snow
Please enjoy this map, tell your friends about it and send a big stack of dosh to me :P (If you want of course!)

Huge thanks to this 'Real Mutha♥♥♥♥♥kin G' for creating the original Crash (...
Bridge Crossing
Created by Robert
Bridge Crossing is a hostage rescue map based on the classic America's Army Bridge Crossing SE map.

It's situated in a snowy landscape and it's up to the CT's to get the hostages which are located on the other side of the bridge....
de_office (v2)
Created by Kebin
I took the good old office and modified it fit better for de gameplay.

Both spawns are relocated for more suitable places and for smoother gameplay I've made little adjustments for the map layout. (Don't worry it's still the office :P )

(I am aware there...
Happy Xmas by
Alps (Alpha)
Created by LapnLook
!!The minimap bombsite names are reversed for some reason, please call the bombsites what is shown on the ground so I know which one you're talking about!!

This started as a simple rebuild of my map called Evidence but the kinda evolved over time into it'...
Winter Militia *Pre-2017 Update*
Created by Silent λ

| *Please Read* |

This map is no longer supported and is extremely outdated.

Revenge | BOMB
This is map is from game Fistful of Frags :)

Map info:

- Random Spawns: 48
- CT Spawn: 32
- T Spawn: 32
- 3D Skybox
- Radar

This map can be used for this mods:

- Bomb/Defuse
- Team Deathmatch
- Deathmatch
- Gun Game
- Hide and Seek...
Cold War (BC2) beta V1.2
Created by |DG| V|LOT
Large, semi-destructive environment.

98% of the bugs are worked out now.

There are only 3 spawn points per side but that is for a few good reasons. Ram being the first. I added a 5 on 5 deathmatch version for those with lots of ram.

There are quit...
Created by Mr E
Terrorist have captured two hostages at a small police station in the snowy cold alaska as CT you must extract the hostages before its to late.

Created by Comrade Stinger
This is my re-make/csgo interpretation of the map "Creek" from Call of duty 4.
There are several issues with this map and I'm looking forward to the feedback so if anything wierd happens please tell me and I'll fix it when I've got time. ^^
Created by Big_SG21
NOTE: This map is still in progres.

-It is not bot friendly yet.(bot getting stuck in the shack at A site now fixed.)
-It might run bad on a potato pc because of poor optimizing. (this will change in the progres)
-Radar will change when its fully done.

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