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Reform and Rule (BNW)
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Reform and Rule (BNW)

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This mod alters every Social Policy and Ideology Tenet. More than a mere "balance patch" most policies include effects that are unlike any existing policies and a few are unlike anything else in the game. These unique effects enable all new strategies that require a different perspective from standard play. The subtle synergy that is woven throughout the policies adds up to an impact that is greater than the sum of its parts. You can play dozens of games with Reform & Rule and still experience the thrill of discovering new techniques to take advantage of.

Tradition/Liberty/Honor/Piety: Will you go tall, wide, military or religion? Will you complete the entire policy branch for the powerful capstone? Or will you grab only the policies you need while quickly transitioning to another branch? Or will you conserve your cultural capital, forgoing the advantage of policies now, and instead aim to quickly complete the more powerful late game policy branches?

Patronage: Profit from City-States, be they loyal ally or conquered subject! With patronage capturing City-States can be a way to expand your empire without risking war with another major power.

Aesthetics: Construct monuments that will amaze the world! Have Golden Ages that power your empire to glory! Become the shining city on the hill that all less enlightened civilizations envy.

Commerce: Money may not buy love but it can buy power, buildings and armies! A master of Commerce can make so much money that production is no longer required, everything can be purchased. The capstone policy gives you money when your treasury is empty -- allowing you to make money by spending money!

Exploration: The once impenetrable ocean is becoming navigable. A rich bounty awaits the empire that can discover and tame distant new lands. Your mighty navy will dominate the seas and gather valuable treasure and tribute from the local people.

Rationalism: In an era of rapid progress and upheaval mastering new technology can be the difference between prosperity and destruction. Rationalism will enhance your scientific prowess by growing your population and improving the productivity of your scientists. However, completing Rationalism can be risky as it will delay access to potentially critical policies in Freedom, Autocracy and Order.

Autocracy: Achieve the Machiavellian ideal of being both loved and feared. As a strong leader, who does not tolerate dissent, you can bring unity to the world. Lesser nations will follow your commands or be crushed under the boots of your disciplined soldiers.

Freedom: A state's highest calling is to protect the rights of its citizens. Shielded from fear and abuse your greatest citizens will be able to assist your noble mission to bring peace and harmony to the world or explore the stars themselves.

Order: The ship of state functions best when everyone is at their assigned place, rowing in the same direction. By working together citizens can rapidly turn cities into centers of industry that will be able to produce war machines capable of conquering any foe or even the stars themselves.

Discussion thread[] on CivFanatics | Download[] from CivFanatics
If you like this mod and want me to prioritize development on it let me know by rating it, favoriting it and by posting in the comments or discussion thread.

Supported Languages:
  • English
  • Russian (translation by Jolteon)
  • Spanish (translation by RMCortes)

  • Q: What is a "Melee Unit" and how is it different than a "Gunpowder-class Unit"
  • A: The phase "Melee Unit" means any non-ranged unit. It include Spearmen, Knights, Riflemen, Tanks, etc. The phrase "Gunpowder-class Unit" means only units of the Gunpowder combat class (ei: Riflemen).

  • Q: Why did a policy which gives a lump sum of X gold/science/culture/etc (such as the culture from Patronage: Hegemony) give me Y gold/science/culture/etc?
  • A: Lump sums are often scaled based on game speed. If you are playing on a non-standard game speed the description will not be accurate.

  • Q: I think I got an incorrect amount happiness from a policy (such as Liberty: Meritocracy). Is this a bug?
  • A: It could be a bug but certain sources of happiness are scaled based on map size and difficulty level. If you are playing on a non-standard sized map or at a low difficulty level the description of how much happiness may not be accurate.

  • Q: The Commerce Finisher policy didn't give me the right amount of gold. Is this a bug?
  • A: It could be a bug but if you playing on a non-standard game speed the point at which the bonus gold is zeroed out is moved up or down from the default of 1000.

  • Q: Why did no changes happen after I started a game with this mod?
  • A: Are you running Civ 5 in a language other than English? If the language you are using is not supported than none of the tooltip text will change even though the effects do change.

  • Q: I like most of the changes made by this mod but I don't want this mod to make any changes to policy branch X. Can I do that?
  • A: Yes you can! See the 'how to disable specific policy branches' section below for instructions.

  • Q: I have another mod that changes a specific policy branch (for example, say Honor). Can I use that mod in combination with Reform and Rule?
  • A: Probably. If you disable Reform and Rule's Honor branch (see the 'how to disable specific policy branches' section below for instructions) you can play with the other mod's Honor branch while the other policy branches will match Reform and Rule.

  • Q: Is this mod compatible with mod X?
  • A: This is not an easy question to answer but here is a good rule of thumb. If mod X changes social policies it will not be compatible (unless you disable the policy branches in Reform & Rule that mod X alters). But if mod X does not change social policies than it almost certainly is compatible.

How to disable specific policy branches
It is easy to disable the changes this mod makes to specific policy branches. Doing so would allow you to play with the unaltered version of the disabled policy branches. Disabling a specific branch would also allow you to combine this mod with another mod that altered the disabled policy branch. To disable policy branches do the following:
  • Go to your 'Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS/Reform and Rule (v X)/Social Policies' directory. Inside you will find a directory for each social policy branch (1 Tradition, 2 Liberty, etc)
  • For each branch you want to disable, change the name of the directory to put an underscore at the start of the name. For example, changing '1 Tradition' to '_1 Tradition'.

How to disable changes to wonder unlocking
If you want to play with the normal wonders associated with each social policy you can.
  • Go to your 'Sid meier's Civilization 5/MODS/Reform and Rule (v X)/Options/Wonders' directory.
  • Change the names of the files which you want to unlock the unmodded wonder. For example, changing '8 Exploration_Wonder' to '_8 Exploration_Wonder' will make the exploration policy unlock the Louve instead of the Great Lighthouse.

Known Issues
  • In tooltips (') characters are rendered as (") (visual issue only).
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Jul 13, 2014 @ 6:01pm
< >
Machiavelli  [author] Jul 5 @ 2:07pm 
Hashtag, I'm unsure if you are having an issue with the mod? Are you thinking of the Honor policy that provides 250 Science when you spawn a Great General?
Hashtag Dbag Jul 5 @ 12:45pm 
This is unbearable. Get a General and you receive hundreds of points for science. I've done no research to fix this issue.
Machiavelli  [author] Jun 28 @ 2:26pm 
I believe so. Civ Name by Policies doesn't actually change any of the in-game effects of the policies right? It just changes your civ's name based on what policies you pick.
Plasmyte Jun 28 @ 12:43pm 
Is this mod compatible with Civ Name by Policies?
Lord Setting May 30 @ 11:02pm 
Trash Dag ohhhhh no, i know what your talking about

I have used this mod for 17 different standerd (8 civ's) and large (10civ's) map type games... and at least 95% of the time i have seen 3 civ's go full piety minmum

I think the main reason why the AI does this, is dew in part mainly because of how powerful the policy called : Mount of Piety : truly is. Mostly because of how the AI loves gold correct , and Think about four a sec

:The Mid Game:

: Mount of Piety : +4 G.P.T. per land trade route & +1 production in citys that follow more than one religion for each follower of each religion in said city & + %50 land trade route range.
You either have 4 or 5 trade routes , on standerd pace trade routes last 30 turns
(30 turns * +4 G.P.T. * # of trade routes)
lola May 29 @ 9:15pm 
When I said filling out piety, I meant that literally every civ was just picking piety to the point where it was almost pointless for me to pursue my own religion. But it may have just been an insane coincidence, I'm playing another game now and I'm the only one who picked it.
Machiavelli  [author] May 29 @ 6:27pm 
In the mod, Hidden Ruins are revealed by the level 2 Autocracy "Imperial Legacy" instead of in Exploration.
Entropy May 29 @ 4:59pm 
There is a feature normally in the explorer tech tree in which some hidden antique sites are revealed after the entire tree is locked basically.
Machiavelli  [author] May 29 @ 3:22pm 
Attila, I'm not sure what you're referring to? Can you elaborate on the behavior you're seeing?
Machiavelli  [author] May 29 @ 3:21pm 
Dicky, that behavior is a result of a couple of different factors in how the AI is programmed. In general, once an AI starts a policy tree they will usually complete it. And many AIs have flavor values that result in them falling into a grand strategy bucket that causes them to pick Piety as their first tree. The end result is lots of AIs consistently picking Piety at the start.