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Twisted Logic [01]
My First Chamber!...I think you will find it challenging...
No Guts! No Glory! Just Have Fun!
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TS_Mind_Swept Dec 16 @ 10:51pm 
after about 7 (or more) times in this map, i finally completed it with someone, we exploited it in a few places, but im so sick of it by now i don't even care. x.x it was kind of messy looking, and some parts were way too dark, if not for having to run this map so many times i'd have probably rated it better, but since i have i can't. Don't know if its the map or just me, but I'm just sick of it. T_T 5.5/10
aardvark62 Mar 13 @ 2:39am 
Partner Aardvark64 : Well, we did it!! Hard to believe that was your first chamber and certainly very hard to do. Took us 2 days but we liked it and wouldn't give up. Some very clever bits in there (like the bouncing sphere) and a bit we didn't like at all, getting the reflector cube across the goo lake. The timing was just too tight for us, I got killed about 10 times and it's a long walk back from the start, just gets tedious. Away from main room too dark to see what we were doing most of the time. But apart from that, very good, enjoyed it a lot. Thumbs up :)