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Sep 3, 2013 @ 4:44am
Nov 27 @ 4:10pm
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Carter Addon Pack: Code


This pack ONLY contains the CODE part from the Carter Addons Pack. This does not include any resources as it would be a too big hassle to update it every time we changed something, therefore we separated it!

To get the whole collection just press the "Subscribe to all" button from this Workshop collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=180077636

More information can be found on the main collection page or the download page found here: http://sg-carterpack.com/download
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Swagcow6 Dec 7 @ 5:15am 
Im not able to figure out how to download and extract the folder to my garrys mod, and when I try to open the folder it turns the webpages into wack-a-mole, poping up and going away millions of times. please help!
Rafael De Jongh  [author] Oct 6 @ 11:25am 

Post this bug on the forum please, bugs reported here are not assigned to be fixed.
MasterKitty5 Oct 5 @ 2:37pm 
there is a glitch with the forcefield emiters sometimes it pulls me through it instead of pushing me away this mostly happens on one side only when i crouch jump to it ive also seen a fast zombie jump through it and a poison zombie walk through it
Capitan Mikon Sep 17 @ 7:26am 
Map from picture is one map? or more maps? can i download that map?
Rafael De Jongh  [author] Sep 15 @ 5:19am 
@xAOx Co1byJack HM

Fair enough, just make sure you don't pre-judge without proof anymore.


If you would actually have done it properly you wouldn't have experienced that problem in the first place. Reading the instructions we provide and executing it properly is a must if you want to get it to work without problems.
xXSqueeeXx Sep 15 @ 12:07am 
@HjH Rafael everytime i deleted the stupid thing you guys made it keept redownloading itself, IF you READ EVERYTHING i said you would have known that, so just like you said people these days can't read anymore you included, know it all.
xAOx Co1byJack HM Sep 14 @ 1:21pm 
@H|H Rafael I am very sorry for wasting your time. I am aware that next time I should check first before confronting you and thank you for making this mod. Even though I got rid of this mod doesn't mean I wont come back to it. I admire your work, therefore I am sorry for any frustration that you recieved from my erlier stupidity.
Rafael De Jongh  [author] Sep 14 @ 1:04pm 

Seriously, the error you just posted TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO! Damn can't people read anymore these days?

@xAOx Co1byJack HM

I'd suggest you to first make sure you've got proof before you actually post such a thing.


It updates automatically whenever you restart your GMOD.
xXSqueeeXx Sep 14 @ 12:56pm 
@Gmod4phun thank you it now works.
xAOx Co1byJack HM Sep 14 @ 11:48am 
@AlexALX_[rus-ua] I am sorry, please disregard the message I sent. I had a virus that is now gone