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Garry's Mod

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Sep 3, 2013 @ 4:44am
May 14 @ 11:11am
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CAP: Code

Carter Addon Pack: Code


This pack ONLY contains the CODE part from the Carter Addons Pack. This does not include any resources as it would be a too big hassle to update it every time we changed something, therefore we separated it!

To get the whole collection just press the "Subscribe to all" button from this Workshop collection:

More information can be found on the main collection page or the download page found here:
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Rafael De Jongh  [author] Aug 10 @ 5:38am 
We'd like to notify everyone who is in need of support to direct themselves to our dedicated forum which can be found here:

For any bugs or problems reporting please post in this thread:

As we do not regularly visit this discussion page nor do we get any notifications from it, we prefer to keep it maintained on our personal forum. So if you have any question at all please visit the above mentioned links.
Ghoul (グール) Jul 5 @ 2:26pm 
@ The Cheesy Gamer,
He doesn't do any form of support on Steam, you have to go to their website.
ZaDrotS Jun 21 @ 1:10am 
Раша пробовала, я попрбую говорят норм))
Смотрел видос, тоже там приколы!
Sumerius Jun 20 @ 8:42am 
you guys should just back up you mod folder then if it dident work just switch the folders
he isnt working on this anymore... he has stopped responding to comments or any gmod type of activity
Carnage May 31 @ 12:44am 
When ever i try to uninstall it when i logg back in steam its still there
Deathking May 22 @ 9:24am 
Hey the caps that ive downloaded hasnt stilled worked should I just redownload it?
Philo Wintercoat May 15 @ 4:09pm 
After this last update(, the one that added door buttons to the Tel'tak), I can't use anything but the arrow keys as camera controls on the Tel'tak. If I set them to anything else, it still uses the arrow keys. (I use the arrow keys for movement, so this is a problem.)
Also: Puddle Jumper door controls are very visible while cloaked now.
Elijah Mar 14 @ 4:52pm 
i kill myself in the jumper with the horizon missle and i get the error in the console

[CAP: Code] lua/effects/ship_shield_engage.lua:84: Tried to use a NULL entity!
1. GetNWBool - [C]:-1
2. unknown - lua/effects/ship_shield_engage.lua:84
I, Darkstar X Mar 12 @ 4:26pm 
I don't know how to use half this stuff. LOL