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Garry's Mod

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Sep 3, 2013 @ 4:44am
Aug 21 @ 1:33am
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CAP: Code

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Carter Addon Pack: Code


This pack ONLY contains the CODE part from the Carter Addons Pack. This does not include any resources as it would be a too big hassle to update it every time we changed something, therefore we separated it!

To get the whole collection just press the "Subscribe to all" button from this Workshop collection:

More information can be found on the main collection page or the download page found here:
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Aug 18 @ 6:42pm
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ze_royal_lightning_tiger Aug 7 @ 6:34am 
if this addon adds the portals then it doesnt work. i loaded the map but there were no portals but the teleport rings did work.
Catnapper Jul 15 @ 7:24pm 
I adore how much modded stuff will succesfully go through the gate when it's on!
Dr.Evil Jun 20 @ 10:47pm 
My favorite addon for GMod. The only problem is it's too big and I don't need even half of its stuff (don't get me wrong, I am a builder and have no use of scripted ships or npcs). Could You make parts of CAP more independent (like modules that add extra features) or at least disable integrity check (I don't mind errors or blank icons in menu).
*Hunter* Jun 17 @ 12:51am 
Yo, just an idea, or a request, is it possible you could make it where when you open, Gate Example 1, using spawn gate, spawn gate's Horizion color changes to Gate Example 1's set color.

Like, *puts in spawn0#" then the horizion color changes to red. Because it would be set to whenever this gate is set to be linked to, Gate Example 1 will have a red horizion, but you try to go to spawn1# and try to connect to it, your horizion is blue.

Is it possible to do this? It's just an idea.
Gary the Lizardo Jun 7 @ 10:09am 
On the Rp-stargate map, I accidently reset the gate locations and such. Anyway to fix this?
CryptAlchemy Apr 5 @ 1:48pm 
You are awesome! Thanks for keeping CAP alive!!
Tamer Mar 19 @ 1:30pm 
I got the SGC screens to work for the most part, but the enter key does not work at all, nor does F1.
[BA] Brucektrain (DEAF) Feb 28 @ 12:04am 
Just uploaded few New Additonal Gates. (and please don't forget sub the material *texture* content)
@Lord If you want to make your own gatespawner map, you might have to take the map youre using off the workshop mount and upload it manually over FTP. This way you can remove the gatespawner.lua that some mapper include.
The Blacksmith (4rfdmsdlf) Feb 25 @ 9:20pm 
Pardon me if this question has been answered already but for the e2 SG1 Dialing program, Ive set my egp objects to 440, max bytes per second to 13000, and wire_expression2_unlimited to 1. but It still ends up in a tick quota exceeded error. any suggestions?