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]=-CS:GO Drops Myth Busting-=[
By Nuclear Kommando
All about CS:GO Drops
All Info Here is Collected by the people here in the community.
All info is AS-IS no refund.
I will update this everynow and then.
Latest Notes
Just play, this guide is not going to help you get more drops.

Step 1: Play
Step 2: Dont Think About Drops
Step 3: Get Drops

****Seems like drop rates have dropped drastically****
What We Know So Far
-------------OLD: Depending On How You Rank Up in EXP NOT COMP-------------
Average Ammount of Drops Per Week: (Now Maybe Around: 2-5)
Average Drops Per Day: 2-4
Average Ammout of each type of drop: 5-Crates, 3-Skins
Arms Race Drops: Yes
Everyone Gets the same amount of random roms: new or old
Some will get more because of ranking up their account not comp
Can drops be gotten on every server?: Only On VAC Protected Servers
Can I be a fool troll and team shoot and mic spam and still get drops?: Yes
How random are the drops?: Very Random
When drops recived: At the end of a game
Winning or Loosing, dead or alive does not effect if you get drops.
Score does not effect drops.
No Drops from playing "Offline With Bots"
Join late on last round and get a drop?: Yes
Steam Levels effect drop amount: No
Local Servers Dont Drop, Must be Dedicated
Can I get drops on an empty server?: No
Drops with bots on a server: Yes Has to have people too
Drops for spectating: No
Idle Servers Drop: Yes
No Cvars to control drop rates for servers
Two Drops at the same time: You cant get 2 drops in one
Weapon Exterior/Condition Change over time? No
Higher Chance of Drops on playing Competitive: No, its all the same
Rare Drops? (Knives & Statracks): Nope But Reds DO Drop
Drops on Any Map?: Yes
Drops are Per Account and not Per IP
CS:GO Drop Reset Times Are Random For Each Player + Not Related to TF2 Drop Times
Lan Server That Are Port forwarded + Real Players = Working Drop Server
No Key Drops!
Does the ammount of people affect the drops: Nope
Oparation Passes Give You Extra Drops
Missions have separate drops
Play Time does affect drops now as you play you rank up thus get drops
To Be Confirmed
Drop Type Chance
According to the numbers on the market:
Field tested (Very Many) [High Chance]
Battle-Scarred, Well-Worn, Minimal Wear (Medium Amount) [Medium Chance ]
Factory New (Very Low Amount) [Low Chance]
Q: I have not recived the drops that show up on my screen at the end of the round!
A: When a drop is dropped (lol) you will see a name under that drop. So the drops goto the name under them. Next time look for your name under the drops that show up.
Random Notes
You will encounter people using multiple accounts to get drops
Weapon Packs[]
Results of drop numbers poll[]
Valves Offical F.A.Q.[]
*** CS:GO Count Down Timer[] ***
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702 Comments Champda 3 hours ago 
I have a question.

If I were to rank up right now, I wouldn't get a drop as I've hit the cap. If I wait until the drop timer resets, will I get a drop despite this?
TheFrogMan1 Jun 20 @ 4:29pm 
@Mr.Zeth it doesn't matter.
Mr.Zeth Jun 19 @ 11:04am 
does it mean what rank or level you have to get drops? or is not matter?
the reaper Jun 16 @ 6:49pm 
can i get more than a drop in a single day (like 2 ou 3 boxes drops)?
BucketHead Jun 15 @ 10:01pm 
I wish i knew the chances of getting a pink or a red skin because today I got a M4A4 Poseidon and it got me wondering because i have received over 100 drops and this is the only pink i have gotten, and i have only received 5 dark blues and 0 Purples and the rest were grey or light blue
Just Satori Jun 15 @ 9:10pm 
How many drops can you get per week?
idk Jun 14 @ 5:52pm 
Everytime i go to casual i see like 6 ppl get drops,
meanwhile i dont get anything.
Jyris Clipton <Rogerinho> Jun 3 @ 12:21am 
artw0rk, I searched a lot for this on google, but nothing satisfatory. So I decide to look skins prices in Steam market to assume which would no longer drop. My conclusion is: Alpha, Assault, Aztec, Baggage, Dust, Militia, Nuke, Office and Vertigo are no longer droppable. Bank, Cache, Chop Shop, Cobblestone, Dust 2, Gods and Monsters, Italy, Lake, Rising Sun, Safehouse and Train, are still available.

The Cases are all available, some more rare.
artw0rk Jun 1 @ 12:43pm 
Which collections are dropping ?
Please heeeeeelp
ploopploop May 27 @ 12:49pm 
It is possible to get golden drops aswell after a match :P