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This version is v2.03

Elvenwood is a large treehouse settlement located between Falkreath and Helgen. It was constructed some time ago by Bosmeri travellers coming to Skyrim, who had been attracted by the rich forest areas within Falkreath Hold.

A book can be found within the settlement that will provide a detailed insight.


*Resident wood elf NPCs, including merchants (blacksmith, inn, general goods store).
*Interior & External areas all fully navmeshed by hand. External area navmesh around the settlement has been connected to adjacent external cells, so it's possible that enemy NPCs in the vicinity could attack the settlement.
*Smithing facilities, player house, 2 alchemy tables, enchanting table, sleeping areas, storage.

*The mod is on Nexus, for anyone wondering. And the map which shows its location is above.
*A darker nights mod is highly recommended as an addition for anyone using this mod. Note that the lighting for this mod was configured whilst actually using a darker nights mod.


Q. How do I download this mod?
A. Simply click on the green 'subscribe' button, and then the next time you start Skyrim, the mod will automatically be loaded into the game.

Q. But...your mod isn't accordance with Tamrielic Lore as Bosmers aren't permitted to build things with wood?
A. It states in the UESP wiki article on Bosmers that 'imported wood is used when necessary', implying that foreign wood can be used. Wood originating from the Falkreath forests in Skyrim falls into this category. The Green Pact prohibits the use of any wood or vegetable matter of Valenwood as building materials, which does not mean wood of Skyrim, which is where the wood for the construction of this village originated, and the wood was necessary at the time to build a home for them. Therefore there is no reason why the Bosmer could not have actually constructed this themselves.

Q. When I try to trade with the merchants I don't get any dialogue?
A. That's because you're trying them outside of their trading hours. The trading dialogue will only appear when you attempt to trade with them within these hours. The various merchants' trading hours are as follows:

Innkeeper: 9am - midnight
Blacksmith: 8am - 6pm
General Store: 8am - 6pm

Q. The NPCs all attacked me when I arrived??
A. That's probably because during the melee when bandits attacked the settlement, you attacked an Elvenwood member in error after confusing them for one of the bandits. The Elvenwood members are all in the Elvenwood faction, whereby they will help their fellow faction members in a fight. So if you attack one of them, then the other faction members will automatically come to their defence and attack you. So be careful who you pick a fight with. ;-)


The mod 'True Skyrim' may cause conflicts with regard to trees positioned around Elvenwood, so I do not recommend having both mods active at the same time.
Any mods that alter the size or position of pine trees in Skyrim may cause issues, because I've altered the scale and positioning of some of the pine trees that are situated immediately around the Elvenwood settlement.

The mod 'Pinewoods Cottage' is situated in more or less the same location as Elvenwood, and I do not recommended running both mods together at the same time.


Anytime you have problems where the game is crashing, and it isn't clear which mod is causing conflicts, then to quickly resolve it you can try disabling all but a group of your mods and re-enable the others group by group (i.e. don't just disable them all and re-enable them one-by-one :-/ ) Try disabling say, one third/quarter/fifth of your mods (i.e. depending on the number of mods you have installed). See if the game still crashes. If it works, then enable another group of your mods. At the point when the game starts crashing again, disable the last group of mods that you enabled, and then enable each mod in this group one by one until the game starts crashing again.

This is a quick and easy way to detect which mod is conflicting with the other mods that you currently have active, whereby there is some kind of conflict between that and one (or possibly more) of your other mods that is causing the game to crash.

*For changelog please see 'change notes' tab at top of page*

*Behaving yourself is a requirement when posting on this mod page. Non-constructive feedback/trolling/impolite comments will be deleted.

Review of Elvenwood by mrowland1: http://gamerant.com/best-skyrim-mods-smithing-arrow-in-the-knee/2/
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Nick7575  [author] Nov 11 @ 7:26am 
@I KICK KATZ Glad to hear you got it sorted
Nick7575  [author] Nov 11 @ 7:25am 
@wunggung I've removed dirty edits in TES5Edit and it shows the .esp to be cleaned. Also, I have removed deleted exterior Navmeshes and had the Navmesh checked over by a member of the TES5Edit team. I can't help people reporting problems with CTDs who don't provide any information to at least enable me to look into the reason as to why their game may be crashing.
I KICK KATZ Nov 11 @ 7:23am 
Oh, I didn't delete or correct my comment (I should have) but It turned out to be another mod, so you can discount mine from the list of crashers
wunggung Nov 10 @ 5:32pm 
Haven't even subscribed to it yet and I love it already. But according to the comments, crashing may be a bit of a problem. Hmmmm
I KICK KATZ Nov 1 @ 4:20pm 
Why is this making my game crash? It never did before...
Nick7575  [author] Nov 1 @ 8:09am 
No worries, and many thanks for the comments :-)
aroundthefur79 Nov 1 @ 6:02am 
Already got it figured...sorry it was a misunderstanding on my part...Totally got your mod mixed up with another mod that said in the descrip. "place this mod at the very bottom of the load order reguardless of where LOOT decides to place it". Anyhow this is prettty awesome I only wish there was a quest involved but even still Ive been recomending this one
Nick7575  [author] Oct 31 @ 8:20am 
@aroundthefur79 Yes, LOOT will recognise my mod. LOOT determines the optimal order in which mods are loaded at the time when the game starts (You can watch Gopher's video on Youtube which explains the basics of LOOT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzoyWugzZAw) . Any definite compatibility issues for Elvenwood that I know of have been specified in the mod description above.
aroundthefur79 Oct 31 @ 12:28am 
Oh nothing I'm Just fairly new to using LOOT I really like this mod! btw and want it. I was just wondering should I move this mod (your original steam version) somewhere in my datafiles manually ? or will LOOT recognize this mod and know where to place it in my data files ?. I understand that it may conflict with certain mods and just want to avoid a possible crash is all.
Nick7575  [author] Oct 30 @ 8:52am 
@aroundthefur Why, what's the problem exactly?