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The Dragon's Curse V6 - No DLC :D
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Feb 18, 2012 @ 5:42pm
Jul 26, 2013 @ 11:26am
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The Dragon's Curse V6 - No DLC :D

=============== Super Special Thanks ===================
Many, MANY thanks to Targetdrone for supporting the mod!

======== Current Mod Version : 6 ===========
============ Removed DLC! ===============

======== Q / A ========

Q : What is this mod?
A : This mod allows you to transform into a dragon and flying around killing people or just having fun.

Q : My game Crashes if i attempt to fly!
A : Before flying you must quicksave / save and quickload / load so the player "class" gets updated. You only need to do it once, if you keep loading the same save.

Q : Is the mod Dead?
A : Nope!

Q : Help! I can't land! It crashes!
A : Make sure you disable all the DLCS before playing with the mod!

Q : Help! It crashes / can't leave houses!
A : Make sure you disable all the DLCS before playing with the mod!

==== Mirrors & Links ====

NONE YET! (Uploading after everyone tested it!)

==== Current ChangeLog ====

- Removed all DLCS (Dawnguard isn't required anymore!)
- Fixed a bunch of bugs.
- You can now land! And fixed flying!
- Changed transformation effects!
- Added loading screen
- Fixed "Your not supposed to be here" bug.
- Moved the Witch to outside!

==== !!! Important Notes !!! ====

- Save Before Getting the Curse (Sometimes the updates will make the spell disapear.)(And you wont be able to get it again, unless you load this save).
- To use the dragon shouts, simply go to your shout menu, look for the [Curse] shouts and equip them.

Can´t fly? Read this!

"If you cant fly at all try to: 1 Unsub the mod; 2 load a save where you never used the mod. If you dont have one create a new game; 3 Then save the loaded game!; Now sub the Mod and load that save what your created in step 3; When you can fly you can now load your normal save and should be able to fly." - Crosstiger

==== Controls ====

- Mouse2 : Mouth Attack
- Mouse1 : Tail Attack.

===== ! How to Fly ! =====

- Make sure you have DLCS off!

- First check if your in control of the dragon (the dragon turns with your mouse). If you aren't just press mouse1 or mouse2 to "equip". Once thats done follow the following steps : (The dragon wont fly untill your sure its in control).

- Once you land just press F5 and F9 (Once the warning shows).

- If you can't Fly at all, check for other mods that mess with the dragon race and disable them :).

- Your health is drained in order for the dragon to fly properly. Its regained once you land. Don't worry, your immortal while flying.

(If you can't use F5 / F9, before flying save the game and then load it. Its the same.)

======= To do List ========

[ ] Add Voice to the witch
[ ] Make Flying DLC Compatible

==== Cheats ====

- coc dragonlair02exterior01
- coc halfmoonmill

==== Special Thanks :D ====

Thumbs up rly help and motivates :).
Special Thanks to Everyone, gamespot and bethesda!
And the people who have been supporting the mod.
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FoxyDaPirate May 27 @ 9:19am 
guys dont fast travel when ur breathing fire it makes a glitch where the fire breathing sound keeps replaying and its annoying xD
FoxyDaPirate May 27 @ 9:17am 
i started flying and i couldent even move i couldent do anything
i had to load back :P and on the video how come he flys wtf
monsterman51 May 14 @ 6:15pm 
Well chap I must say superb mod dear sir!
WerePack May 11 @ 7:06pm 
Umm....I flew, but then when I try to land it gives me a stupid little message: "Landing isn't done yet :S" Call this "WIP" if it is not finished this badly! I am stuck in the horribly slow fly mode now....And PLEASE do not just give me the same stupid "DLC" answer that you give every other problem and bug report! I don't own any of the DLC except for Hearthfire and the HD texturepack. Hearthfire is definantly 100% disabled aswell. This save is trash if I can't return to normal from fly mode.....
Viper May 9 @ 4:07pm 
Nevermind, figured it out.
Viper May 9 @ 3:54pm 
What do you press to make the dragon fly? Is there a shout or something? The confusion!!!!!!
springtrap May 4 @ 11:47am 
im gonna avoid this mod untill it works with dlc's but it is a cool mod :P
al.donk May 2 @ 4:18am 
i cant move when flying
No one Apr 30 @ 7:21am 
the COC dragonlair02exterior01 teleport won't work :c
RhysRedSkin Apr 27 @ 9:37am 
i cant land! when i try to land it just says sorry landing isnt finished