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"Better Females by Bella" - CORE FILES
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Apr 18, 2012 @ 5:46pm
Apr 21, 2012 @ 7:24am
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"Better Females by Bella" - CORE FILES

I liked this mod a lot but was annoyed when I could only find a customized version on the workshop. This one is the default version of the mod including Bella's textures and makeup unlike the custom version that is located elsewhere on the workshop.

The first four screen shots above are taken by me using BellaGail's reference characters using the core pack by itself. The others are pulled directly from her reference screen shots on SkyrimNexus.

Mod replaces face textures as well as changing how the makeup looks.

This is the CORE FILES pack for the mod. It works fine and dandy on its own, but if you want to customize it further you can add one of the following packs to this for some extra tweaks! MAKE SURE YOU SET THE CORE FILES BEFORE THE OTHER MODS IN THE LOAD ORDER. If you don't it won't actually load the add on correctly.

Makeup Type 1

Makeup Type 2

Makeup Type 3

Makeup Type 4

Less Makeup

Shiny Forhead Remover - Unable to verify what this add on from her mod actually does. I added it in anyway in case you are familiar with this and know what to do with it.

NotReallyAnUpdate Update 4!
If you like the look, but wish it had a little something extra, try loading Xenius Character Enhancement AFTER this mod, has some really nice results!

Created ADD ON packs for this mod. See above for details!
I'll continue to add stuff to this mod via expansions and add ons like this if it seems popular. I've got a couple in mind that I'd like to do but I need to verify some things on my end. Long story short, check back on this page later for further updates :D

I discovered a couple of the screenshots I was using were incorrect. I've updated them to better show the effects. If you notice a problem with them or the mod itself PLEASE let me know!

I fail at internet, fixed the upload.

Next update will hopefully include the ability to customize your version of this mod with different makeup packs. I'll have more detailes once I get to that point.

Permission granted by the awesome BellaGail to repack this mod and post on Steam. Check out her mod at SkyrimNexus if you want the raw files.
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Hircine Oct 19 @ 5:10am 
do u have a male version?
Phoenix666 Oct 15 @ 4:26am 
I really enjoy using this mod with XCE but it causes the neck/face skin to be a different color to the body, even on NPC..
Also; Possibly a way to just have in on your own char. rather than it affecting NPC?

Please fix :(
╰☆╮ Scum ╰☆╮ Sep 20 @ 9:23am 
Goddamnit this mod is awful
canadafan101 Sep 10 @ 2:31pm 
Can you have multiple mackup packs? x3
J'pacs Sep 2 @ 9:45am 
@ToTenKopF they both work toghether but the skincoller is diffrent your faces are darker then the rest of the skin, it looks really awkward but they work toghether xP
DerpyH. with a moustache Aug 5 @ 2:45pm 
So Far So Good =3
ToTeNKopF Aug 1 @ 10:30am 
I have CBBE and this one so if I have them both activated what happens? Or do they work together I guess not?
Wendersnaven Jul 30 @ 9:38pm 
This hasn't been updated in years so it's not going to work properly. If Steam was a little more user friendly to the modders, they wouldn't all be over on the Nexus. You can get it there AND get rid of the shine and change makeup levels if it creeps you out.
Deathbringer Jul 30 @ 9:03am 
Does anyone else have the issue of once you turn into a vampire lord and turn back your face is returned to its former not better female face?
Dr.rictofen Jul 16 @ 11:37am 
how do i download dis