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FoTS Tactics and Uniforms
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Jan 3, 2013 @ 5:25am
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FoTS Tactics and Uniforms

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Note: Bayonet not included in this mod - Use this mod with mods such as RSM, DM, or Radious.
Sheathed Sword not included - Use "Saya and Ebira" by Kami
Square Formation for Line and Elite Infantry - Providing 360 degrees Field of Fire and Cavalry Defense
Diamond Formation for Cavalry
Light Infantry Behaviour for Skirmishers- spread out and fire while in kneeling position.
Plant Stakes for Ninja and Light Infantry - Stops any Cavalry Charges
Kneel Fire for Traditional Infantry and Levy
Deployable Bamboo Wall for Traditional Infantry and Levy
Banzai for Bear Infantry and Shinsengumi
Swooping Eagle for Revolver Cavalry
Deployable Oodate Pavise for Matchlock and Bow Kachi
Pike Square for Yari Kachi and Kyoto Police
Pike Wall for Spear Infantry
Extend Range for Light Infantry
3 Rank Fire for Line, Light, and Elite Infantry
Rapid Advance for Traditional Infantry
Rapid Volley for Bow Ki and Kachi
Whistling Arrows for Archery Units
Samurai Hero get Heroic Assault, Stand Firm, and Warcry
Mass Fire for Tosa Riflemen - All Men Fires regardless of Rank

-Foreign Marines
More Head Variations
Foreign Veteran Models now used as their officers.
US Marines get White Summer Trousers
Infanterie de Marine wear Red-striped Blue Kepi and Gaiters

-Imperial Army Units
Now are Color-Locked, not using Clan Colors anymore.
Imperial Guards wear Red Kepi with Golden Stripes, Blue Tunic with Red Cuffs, and Red Trousers with Gold Stripes
Imperial Infantry wear Blue Kepi with Golden Pentagram, Blue Tunic with Red Cuffs, and Grey Trousers with Gold Stripes
Imperial Infantry Officers wear Blue Tunic with Golden Stripes, and Red Trousers with Golden Stripes
Imperial Cavalry Officer wear Green Tunic with Red Shoulderstrap, and Red Trousers with Golden Stripes

-Shogunate Army Units
Now are Color-Locked, not using Clan Colors anymore.
Shogunate Guard Officer wear Helmet, Blue Coat with Golden Epaulette and Sash, and Red Trousers with Golden Stripes
Shogunate Officer wear Helmet, Blue Coat, Red Trousers with Gold Stripes
Shogunate Guards wear White Havelock Hat, Blue Shirt, Golden Sash, White Trousers with Gold Stripes
Shogunate Infantry wear Blue Shirt with White Stripe and Trouser with White Stripes

-Aizu Four Constellation Units
White Tigers have Younger Models, as they are comprised from under 20 of age. Wear Headbands, Black Shirts and White Trousers. Officer wear Helmet and Breastplate
Black Tortoise have Older Models, as they are senior reservists. Wear Black Robes and Paper Jingasa. Officer wear Breastplate under his Jinbaori Jacket
Azure Dragons wear Paper Jingasa and Breastplate with Blue Stripes
Vermilion Swallows get some Red-colored additions. Wear Modern Shirts and Traditional Trousers.

-Shinsengumi Recolor
Shinsengumi now wear the Sky Blue-White they are famous for...not Clan Colors.
Lv 6 Shinsengumi Campaign Model used as Officer
Additional Helmets, Hoods, and Chainmail Hoods for the Shinsenguni

-Line Infantry
Main Shogunate-supporting Clans wear Blue Kepi, Blue Shirt and Trouser with White Stripe
Satsuma Domain wear Conical "Dunce Cap" Jingasa
All other Domain wear Folded Paper Jingasa

-Carbine Cavalry
Main Shogunate-supporting Clans wear White Havelock Hat and Blue Shirt with White Stripe

-Artillery Crews
Main Shogunate-supporting Clans wear Black Helmet and Blue Shirt with White Stripe

-Traditional Units and Samurai Kachi Armours
Traditional Units and Samurai Heroes get various additions

Levy Infantry get hoods
Bear Infantry wear Darker Uniforms
Kiheitai and Revolver Cavalry wear Irregular Outfits
Yugekitai get Sneakier Black Irregular Clothes (Seriously, would they ambush with Neon Blue Coats?)
Sharpshooters wear Kepi, Paper Jingasa, and Longcoats
Kyoto Police get Paper Jingasa, Helmets, Chainmail Hoods, and Breastplate
Shogitai get Chainmail Hoods and Quilted Bamboo Hats. Officers get Breastplate

...And many more small tweaks...

Uniforms mainly based on the book "Japanese Military Uniforms 1841-1929 - From The Fall of The Shogunate to the Russo-Japanese War" by Nakanishi Ritta, with some personal touches

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Xx_420SlothMLG_xX Jun 29 @ 2:28pm 
*Looks at mod* tbh I drooled a little
The_Yogi  [author] Jun 22 @ 5:50am 
- Artillery Crews, Line Infantry and Carbine Cavalry of Shogun-supporting clans now wears white-striped blue uniform.

- Only Satsuma Line Infantry wears Cone Jingasa. Line Infantry of other clans wear Paper Jingasa

- Shogunate Guards now wear a golden sash on their waist.

- Added Chainmail Hoods for Shogitai, Kyoto Police, and Shinsengumi

- Added Brown Stetson Hats and Jacket with waistcoat for Kiheitai

- Imperial Infantry, Guards, and Cavalry soldiers get Kepi with a golden pentagram on top

And many small other additions
The_Yogi  [author] Mar 29 @ 10:00pm 
Because there is no UI Button for it anymore. AI don't need UI Buttons

Well, yes, but you have to modify it yourselves. About unit appearance, I actually planned to change most of the units appearance, just that I'm busy at the moment, haven't played for like, 2 weeks.


You'll need FoTS
[XILES]Sargeantatom Mar 29 @ 6:00pm 
do i need any dlc or anything or just vanilla shogun2?
onurcorekci Mar 28 @ 7:34pm 
Does this work for DarthMod too? Is that what you mean for DM (DarthMod)?
Texas_brigade Mar 27 @ 4:22pm 
kinda looks like acw mod
Whathopercy Mar 27 @ 3:42am 
I'm honestly not too fond of how the Levies look. Is there any way I could disable that kind of thing?

Other than that, great job all around.
Guvenoren Mar 21 @ 4:49am 
Yo, how come the enemies can put up tranches and i cant? :T
Guvenoren Mar 21 @ 4:48am 
@[TFM] bh5496 I have a modified version of this mod. But it is changed abit for my own likings, want it?

[TFM] bh5496 Mar 16 @ 8:28pm 
could you make a version of this mod without the uniforms?