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Arod's Better Containers 1.40
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Dec 12, 2012 @ 1:40am
Apr 23, 2013 @ 8:08pm
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Arod's Better Containers 1.40

In 1 collection by Arod Snaux
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Instantly move any items from your pack into any container. Easily Move, Rename, or Unlock any container... even from other mods! Stow your gear from across the world, or open a chest in your Skyrim home from anywhere else. You can even craft your own containers to add permanent new storage to any location.

Arod's Storage Solutions will forever improve your Skyrim experience. It works on any chest, barrel, pouch, sack or other container, and with any item you can put in your backpack, even if they came from third party mods. Supports Dragonborn, Dawnguard, and Hearthfire DLCs as well.

Works with 100% pure vanilla Skyrim. SKSE or other third-party enhancement software is NOT required.


Smart Containers:
Stop clicking! Instantly transfer easily customizable sets of items from your pack into targeted containers. One click puts all your Smithing supplies in your Smithing chest, your Ingredients into your Alchemy pack, and your extra food into the kitchen cupboards and barrels. Best of all, YOU decide which items go into which containers... even if the items or containers come from other mods! Choose from any combination of 40 Presets, or teach any container specific items to stash for the ultimate pack-rat experience.

Remote Opening:
Forget something at home, but you're stuck in Sovengarde or Oblivion? Remotely open any of up to 6 chests from anywhere in the universe... they don't even have to be owned by you!

Remote Stashing:
Overencumbered, and miles from a town? Cast just one spell and all your excess items instantly sort themselves and teleport into your containers at home!

Rename Containers:
Rename that generic "Barrel" and "Chest" and "Sack" in your home to "Fish Barrel" and "Toys" and "Filled Soulgems". Over 60 options to choose from, with more added in each new release.

Craft Containers:
Make your own Barrels, Chests (3 types), Safes, Strongboxes, and more! Install them in any house, anywhere you want! No limits and no restrictions: all the storage you could ever need, anywhere.

Move Containers:
Don't like that Barrel by the fireplace? Move it to the bedroom! Tired of walking all the way to the Guildmaster's chest? Move it closer to the exit! Don't feel like fighting the dragon? Summon his loot chest to your hiding spot while he's sleeping! Best of all, since chests and barrels are heavy, you can even use them as weapons, knocking over enemies.

Remote Unlock spell:
What did your mother tell you... STOP PICKING! But this one's a little different than your standard unlock spell, and a lot more fun to use... use telekinesis to guide a lockpick to the distant chest. If your Alteration and/or Lockpick skills are high enough, it opens automatically, or you can pick it yourself from a distance, and watch the items fly into your pack.


By itself, this mod supports all DLC and most Third-Party Housing/Crafting/Gear mods. However, installing any or all of the following support patches will improve targeting and add new mod-specific items to the "Learn" Presets. They are entirely optional.

Better Containers: Hearthfire Patch.
Better Containers: Dragonborn Patch.
Also, be careful you actually OWN the chests you are enchanting... otherwise you might find your goods looted!

1.1 Released Today!

Many containers in the world can now be picked up to your inventory and dropped anywhere else in the world. Their inventories remain intact!

Added Physics to crafted containers - just drop them on the ground and drag them around.

Added many more Craftable Containers, including pouches, sacks, coffins, and crates.

Containers purchasable from many vendors.

Fixed the "Forget Items" and "Forget Chest" bugs that many folks were getting since last patch came out.

Removed numerous Quest items from Presets. This only affects new presets; containers that have already had presets applied will still grab Quest items... just tell them to Forget and tech the Preset again.

Added Powers for the barbarian crowd.


My other Mods:

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Mar 12, 2017 @ 11:49am
New ideas? Requests?
Arod Snaux
< >
lianas world Jul 21, 2017 @ 12:59am 
@ Fireflyknight85 In the instructions on the Arod's page, is the best way to find out stuff.
- I remember the first book I found, as being in Dragons Reach. On the table, in the tiny library, behind Farengar. There are others, but you only need 1. I am working my way through the rest slowly. have fun.
FireflyKnight85 Jul 20, 2017 @ 4:22pm 
i am not getting a book, or note in my inventory with instructions. i have figured out how to teach a container what to store, but cannot get it to designate a container to remote stash in.
lianas world Jul 17, 2017 @ 11:54pm 
@ missholly !
- was slightly annoyed and looking for a system fix - found 'help' haha in plain sight down the list
It explains how to use the basic spell in "Arods containers' !!!!

Basically it's; - Choose what you want in powers + + + Hit [gently] your "shout" key -

- it works 'cos I just learnt to 'sit' and was ***** as I just couldm't get it to work,
now I can sit with the khajiit !! way kool !!
You may have already found this, I thought I'd try since I have found many helpful tips here read for yourself if unsure :)
churchillparis Jul 14, 2017 @ 7:56pm 
when i unsubscribe the mod doesnt go away
lianas world Jul 7, 2017 @ 12:52pm 
Hi ! Wondering if this mod is still being monitored ? Can Someone Help, Please !
Like 'missholly' I feel dorky - as long as I have had this mod, and it has been awhile. I have periodically tried to set up, or use spells, to action the abilities, with no response.... [huge sad face] I will click by the action, but not be given a hand to use - as in normal spells. I can drop items, if quick enough, vaguely position, more often I have to 'disable' and retry. [Just learnt that, amazing rage-quit saver] I really want, to rename containers in my homes. The rest is icing.
I love this mod for many reasons, and will not uninstall.
I have Hearthfire, & the Hearthfire Mod. Cannot use Nexus, BOSS ? or 'SKSE' ?. [red face]
Many, many thanks, to Arod Snaux, and all those who choose these mods. :steamhappy:

Odiin46 Nov 18, 2016 @ 2:53pm 
I tried to uninstall this mod, and it's still coming up with the "would you like to get these spells immediatly" dialog
[ĽÊGΣŇÐÆŔҰ]™ Nemo Nov 6, 2016 @ 2:00am 
seems Container: remote Open/Remote Stash and telekinetic chest may be found in Nelacar's room, in the bottom shelf of the bookcase. he can be found in the only inn in winterhold. cant miss him if you do the star of azura quest.
[ĽÊGΣŇÐÆŔҰ]™ Nemo Nov 5, 2016 @ 7:56am 
seeing as others are asking for the book locations i thought id mention the books as i found them: nightblade's grasp can be found in the Dainty Sload, a ship that can be found North East of Solitude and just south of Solitude Lighthouse. will post the other locations as i go (will try and edit this post but it really depends)
andreg71 Oct 9, 2016 @ 3:48pm 
The process to use this feature is very poorly programed. About 90% of the time, casting the spell to Configure or Stash items, MISSES the wrong contrainer. Why does this not work with the selected container. For example a row of safes. It never configures, renames or stashes the one the that is selected and/or directly in front of the character. It ends up selecting the one either on the left or right of it. WHY? This is a serious flaw and a waste of time to use. I'm unsubscribing and never will use this until it is fixed.
Greylock Aug 16, 2016 @ 7:43am 
Not sure why I can't get this mod to do anything? I installed it, it loaded, gave me the spells but, the spells don't seem to do anything. Any suggestions?