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Better Riften
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Feb 13, 2012 @ 2:24pm
Feb 19, 2012 @ 3:33pm
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Better Riften

This is a WIP mod and adds much more details and architecture to Riften, creating a really great atmosphere. Almost 90% of the city is enhanced and polished. Have a look at the screenshots!

As mentioned before, this mod is Work in Progress, so keep watching for further updates. :)

Have a look at the new peview videos. :) (thanks, Arsenalrobert!)

Better Riften is ...

- compatible with: Thievery Overhaul, Detailed Cities (may look weird though)

- not compatible with: Open Cities

### Updates ###

Update 1:
- added more vegetation, banners, barrels, crates and much more

Update 2:
- added another canopy, little vegetation, more details

Update 3:
- added much more details and a couple of trees to the market place, as well as some overall enhancements

Update 4:
- added some hanging plants, lights, crates, barrels and more

Update 5:
- added more details to the low range
- replaced the static ships with slightly animated ones

Update 6:
- big update of the lower area

Update 7:
- small improvements to Riften's castle (see pictures)

Update 8:
- added more life to Riften (3 dogs and a few chickens)
- added a smelter to the smithing area
- overall enhancements

Update 9:
- tweaked the hanging plants (and trees on market place) a bit, should look less overloaded now

Update 10:
- tweaked the Navmesh, so NPCs should no longer get caught
- added more details to the Temple of Mara (see pictures)
- some overall enhancements

Experimental Update 11:
- added some crates and ladders (look at the pictures) which the thieves of you can use to climb on the roofs - please tell me what you think. If you like it, i'll probably add some more of them. :)
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The Rohan Rider Oct 16 @ 8:28am 
makes riften look beautiful and love the flora
do markarth next pretty please
Dark_Stone Sep 4 @ 7:11pm 
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Sskop7 Jul 14 @ 11:43am 
can it be used with the honeyside tnf
TheGrimGriefer Jul 10 @ 10:44pm 
quick question: will this kill my FPS? my laptop has trouble running skyrim by itself on low graphic settings...
Enderlord811 Jun 7 @ 10:27am 
is there any other city mods from the same creator
like this?
Imbew Jun 7 @ 8:20am 
Friendly Priest Apr 30 @ 6:10pm 
Keep up the great work. More cities please!
Vuwub123 Mar 19 @ 3:41am 
if you did this sort of thing to markarth i would love you for ever
Alpha Mar 18 @ 6:23pm 
Great mod i love it
Top Tier Schmidt Mar 17 @ 7:15am 
this makes Riften look... real
i like