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To that GUY: (b/c you prevent me from messaging.... geez..)

Broawh! I didn't force her to go right she just did herself. I was following him/her . That why I lol'd, I doubt I even influenced her. Beside I was trying to say No! as in the character chat to make it funny but the military guys were talking so I guess you cannot talk during the 'cutscene'. Frankly I do not take L4D2 seriously because its an arcade-like game, more fun when there are mistakes. And the fact you left him/her, whatever gender, behind is pretty shitty. He/She was behind because idk; I was trying to kite the tank Idk why that guy was behind. I will always look back to see if people aren't left behind; esp. if they have Rochelle character xD. Geez tlak about... left FOUR dead!!! LOLOOLLO

Didn't get the rest of the message because I exited l4d2 and found out the message was gone because you unfriend... so. Meeeeeeeeh *Spongebob meme*

...about my age or something. Anywaaaaaaaay!!!!!! adjfhadsjfhalkfdjshlkfda

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