Chris   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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Competitive History
ETF2L Fresh Meat Cup - National Geographic, Roamer - Playoffs
ETF2L Low Season 27 - coroMatic, Scout - Playoffs
ETF2L Mid S28 - Experience - Scout

UGC Steel S21 - Men In Flannel, Heavy/Sniper - 7th place
UGC Steel S22 - Magnificent Bastards, Scout - 5th place
ETF2L Open S13 - Magnificent Bastards, Scout - 11th
UGC Silver S23 - Magnificent Bastards, multi class sub
ETF2L Open S14 - Disgrace to Belgium, Multi class sub

ETF2L Bball Competition S6 - British Cunts

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last played on Nov 22
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last played on Nov 22
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