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2:20 - Rockin132: Pepper flavoured ham is like
2:20 - Rockin132: I have to remember that
2:20 - Rockin132: Put it on a menu at a fancy restaurant
2:20 - Rockin132: "Sir isn't this just ham with pepper?"
2:20 - Rockin132: "No it's pepper flavoured ham sir"
2:20 - mikdemandno: HAHA

Chime♪: more fins in my team than at most finnish bus stops :^)

Kingsom : teeru u should slap mik next time u see him
Teeru : yea sure
Rockin132: LOL
Teeru : >:)
Rockin132 : Im not sure Teeru can do violence
Rockin132 : Someone who likes kittens as much as Teeru can't possibly be violent

0:32 - |FV| Rockin132: you're like one of those white girls who has 10,000 selfies on her phone
0:32 - |FV| Rockin132: and then is like
0:32 - |FV| Rockin132: "Why is my phone so slow"

2:16 - Rockin132: AAKKOSET?
2:16 - Rockin132: Wtf kind of word is that
2:16 - Rockin132: Did they sneeze while thinking of it
2:16 - Rockin132: D:

18:50 - miknando: just waiting for my old teammate to come online so i can ask her to draw a pic like this of me
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: oooh
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: are you a sexy man
18:51 - miknando: imm ok xD
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: THATS NOT A YES
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: WHERES THE YES
18:51 - miknando: similar to tseini
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: I AM A SEXY MAN
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: XD
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: You have to be confident my man
18:51 - miknando: yes im a fucking sexy man
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: say
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: "Yes Im a
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: HAHHA
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: YES
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: PERFECT

synrise: The fact that you combine great decloacks/bs plays with good hs makes you one of the most unpredictable spies i have ever played against.

23:30 - chooper: damn my gf doesnt wanna hug cuz i am sick hahaah :D
23:30 - miknando: sick from your mind or sick sick
23:30 - chooper: hahahaaha
23:30 - chooper: sick sick
23:30 - chooper: :D

15:26 - Special Suprflake.: i'm not trying to be rude, but your words look funny
15:26 - miknando: hah
15:26 - miknando: you are not the first one to say that
15:26 - Special Suprflake.: yksityisopetuksena looks like someone just facerolled a keyboard and then put vowels in it
15:26 - Special Suprflake.: i would love to learn finnish =-

14:10 - Domaytoe | DeutschLAN.tf: I bet my ass that this guy is like 14-16 or smth
14:10 - Domaytoe | DeutschLAN.tf: fkn hell Mikael, get a grip
14:10 - miknando: you fkn ageist
14:11 - Domaytoe | DeutschLAN.tf: yeah, age is just a number
14:11 - Domaytoe | DeutschLAN.tf: tell that the judge
14:11 - Domaytoe | DeutschLAN.tf: you pedo

kudo shinichi : its like healing better pub version of myself
вмѕ | miknando : my life is complete now
Forty-Two: god damn it hartz the last thing this guy needed is a bigger ego

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