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I will accept any 1:1 same set Trade Offer for cards automatically.

֎ There is no limit on number of cards you can trade in one trade offer.
֎ Bot accept any 1:1 same set Trade Offers for trading cards instantly.
֎ Send me a Trade Offer
֎ SteamTradeMatcher QuickMatch URL []

• Please leave a comment on my profile if you have any problems or questions.
• Trade Offers with no requested items or additional items than you have requested, will be accepted as a donation.
• Steam Level up service bots/alts will be blocked without any warning. Reason: Cause unbalance in alot of different sets and "upgrading" trading cards in the same set.
• Steam Level up service bots/alts can avoid getting blocked only if they overpay on each 1:1 trade.
This obv also apply to alt/bot accounts, with the expection of pure 1:1 same set trade bots.

• If you're affected by escrow, please set up Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator
• If you for some reason can't use your phone for Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator, then you can use WinAuth [] or SteamDesktopAuthenticator [] to enable and use Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator

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My Name Is McNamara Apr 26 @ 12:56pm 
I need to trade cards from Portal 2 in cards to PayDay 2. Can i get it?
Seriuos Apr 25 @ 2:40pm 
Is it possible to add you as a friend? I am working on some badges and it would be much easier for me to see on the badge menu if you have the card or not rather than checking your inventory on every card. Thank you.
PCMaster Apr 25 @ 9:28am 
Thanks for trade. :D
Please use your brain for a secound to figure out why it's a chance of exactly 0.00000% I accept your trade. Im not a 1:1 cross set trade bot, neither a bot that will let you upgrade cheap card to more expensive cards
Chris Morningstar Apr 19 @ 10:11am 
Check the trade?
JesúsBarinas ♛ Apr 18 @ 8:29pm 
Trade offer send.