Matt   Round Rock, Texas, United States
"I'm going to get my GED by the time I get out of high school" -Nephew
"Wyverns don't have legs" -Nephew
"Hey Ladies *Grins Sexily*" -skeptic

5:41 PM - Front Line Bait: skeptic wow
5:42 PM - skeptic: we can do it tomorrow if you want
5:43 PM - Front Line Bait: why wont you be here
5:44 PM - skeptic: just sucking dick, the usual


I love competitive TF2. CS:GO is pretty cool, too, I suppose.

Experience so far:

ESEA-O Season 18 Demo (Donk Kongs)

UGC Steel Season 13: 2nd place as pocket (Aim-)
UGC Silver Season 14: Playoffs as pocket (Donk Kongs)
UGC Gold Season 15: 2nd place as pocket/demo/roamer (Donk Kongs)
UGC Platinum Season 16: 3rd place as pocket/demo/roamer (Donk Kongs)
UGC Platinum Season 17: Playoffs as demo (Donk Kongs)
UGC Platinum Season 18: 4th place as pocket (Arm-sized Thumbs formerly Donk Kongs)
UGC Platinum Season 19: Pocket (Arm-sized Thumbs)
UGC Gold Season 20: 3rd place as scout (Arm-sized Thumbs)

UGC Steel Season 10: Demo (Cock Fighters)
UGC Silver Season 11: Soldier (Umbra)
UGC Silver Season 12: Soldier (Umbra)
UGC Silver Season 15: Soldier (Roll the Chat/Water Under Abridge)
UGC Silver Season 16: Anything (Water Under Abridge)
UGC Silver Season 17: Soldier (Water Under Abridge)
UGC Silver Season 18: 1st place (title revoked D:) as soldier (Water Under Abridge)

UGC Silver Season 1: Demo (Star Super Buddies)
UGC Silver Season 4: Soldier (Flavor of the Moth)
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I'm not subscribed and I still got a notice to this stupid idiot's comment
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Abridge━★ Jun 8, 2016 @ 10:09pm 
howdy buckaroo! here to wish you a rootin' tootin' birthday! let's saddle up some time on the prairie!
DaZe━★ Jun 8, 2016 @ 10:08pm 
Yee-haw!~ happy Texas birthday, take a lasso and catch the bull of a party ur gonna have at the rodeo!
andy May 10, 2016 @ 1:54am 
i need a dr.earmers option