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this will explain why i change my name constantly:

Comment something bullshitery
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Logs (I should be adding more but im lazy)

Angry kidos:
♥Sn0w♥ : ...
♥Sn0w♥ : !remove
Swallow it : lol
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : I don't play noobs
Swallow it : !remove
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : Always counter jump "(aka I took the highground)
*SPEC* Swallow it : lmao
*SPEC* Swallow it : I was beating you lol
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : This is you'r skill
*SPEC* Swallow it : you're the one running shotgun cuz he cant land rockets lmao
*SPEC* Swallow it : hahaha
*SPEC* Swallow it : ur so mad
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : ur so bad
*SPEC* Swallow it : do you even know what you're saying bro
*SPEC* Swallow it : hahah
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : lol
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : You just bad
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : Right
*SPEC* Swallow it : lmao
*SPEC* Swallow it : i love kids like u
*SPEC* Swallow it : pls
*SPEC* Swallow it : lets see add 5
Swallow it (1634) joins arena Badlands spire.
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : I love noobs like you .-.
Swallow it : or us scared?
Swallow it : haha
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : !add
♥Sn0w♥ (1627) joins arena Badlands spire.
Swallow it : 12 year old that just learned a new word
♥Sn0w♥ : LoL
♥Sn0w♥ : ..
♥Sn0w♥ : Again
Swallow it : :) "(mlg airshot montage clip)"
Swallow it : you're sad enough to shoot me while typing
Swallow it : lmao
Swallow it : fucking kido
♥Sn0w♥ : xd
*5 kills and 3 airshots later*
♥Sn0w♥ : !remove
Swallow it : pfft
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : Stop fucking counter jump man "(aka jumping on that thingy)"
Swallow it : taking high ground lmao
Swallow it : ur just straight up dumb
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : You'r just bad "(what is this guy than?!)"
Swallow it : like really dumb
Swallow it : lmao
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : You got 5 air
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : And you shot just 2
Swallow it : you didnt hit 1 airshot
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : xDd
Swallow it : all you did was spalsh
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : :'D
Swallow it : now ur just xding everything away
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : Get brain
*rage quits*
BUFFELWINGS (Pos 9773 with 858 points) has connected from Denmark
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : Plz
*SPEC* ^BG Hyipr : !add
^BG Hyipr (1583) joins arena Granary Middle.
Dh killed Os with tf_projectile_pipe.
Swallow it : but the trueth is you just bad
*SPEC* ♥Sn0w♥ : You'r just bad
FROGo killed throwing rocks at retarded kids with market_gardener. (crit)
Os killed Dh with scattergun.
^BG Hyipr killed ^BG bees with tf_projectile_rocket.
Swallow it : u just rage quited
Swallow it : AGAAOIIN?!
^BG bees killed ^BG Hyipr with tf_projectile_rocket.
Swallow it : hhaha
BUFFELWINGS (1561) joins arena Granary Last.
Swallow it : kil lur self
^BG Hyipr killed ^BG bees with tf_projectile_rocket.
Swallow it : fucking kido

*DEAD* {LINK REMOVED} : why you so lucky?
Bug : you're using the wrong word
Bug : its called "u suck"
Bug : are?
Bug : tell me...
{LINK REMOVED} : i just funny
{LINK REMOVED} : and i skilled you
{LINK REMOVED} : sorry for my english
*DEAD* {LINK REMOVED} : im russian
Bug : so...
*DEAD* {LINK REMOVED} : good bye
Bug: k :/
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I'm actually a plant. But I approve of your input. They call me the Gimpy-gimpy plant. Google it, or don't. I don't care. I like Tortillas why would I suggest such conjecture. Have fun kthxbai
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If I wasn't a man I would be a woman.
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+rep 'cause he likes penguins
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stop downloading your porn when you lobby god damn it