Reading, Reading, United Kingdom (Great Britain)

I'm always close by my computer so i'll respond to any mesage asap

I am the 82nd top contributer on so don't even ask if you can trust me....Don't beleive me? Check yourself:

Overwatch : Vclox#2449 (Masters)
Overwatch alt: Clexa#21172 (Diamond)
If you want to play overwatch I mostly play tank & support in competitive
Main Off-tank for EYE4ESPORTS []
Was Main Mercy for "lolhl" 30th EU

As I don't play TF2 as a main game anymore these are prior to leaving


Happy to merc when avalabile:
Pyro: PREM
Engie: HIGH
Solli, Scout & Heavy: MID
Spy, Sniper, Medic, Demo: OPEN

First team to go open, mid, high & prem in consecutive seasons

Highlander: I sub pyro for budget toucans (plat & prem)

6's: None

4's: None

Previous team's:
HL: Brotherhood of Peace (iron & div6), Pirate squad (mid & steel), ғᴛʟ! (steel-silver & mid), ( ° ʖ °) It's time (plat).
6's: Bobby brown and the gang (open), freshavacado (mid), Epilepsy Esports (open)
4's: $uper Cash's Private A-Team (whatever the top is)

Div6: 3rd
Mid: 3rd
High: 2nd
Prem: 4th
Silver: 5th
Gold: 2nd
Plat: 4th

I also own every strange weapon in the game (not including re-skins but i am working on it)
I nearly have every vintage and coming close to genuine weapons too.

My backpack:
My rep profile:

Some people asked so:

Fallen tf2 gamers that will live on in my profile bio:
Zoop: Zoop got me into comp tf2 picking me up from a center one day. A day i will not forget.
NotSteven: NotSteven is the person that got my into tf2 without him i would not be here.
Woona/PurpleSmart: Woona is the reason that I kept wanting to play comp tf2. Making it fun, enjoyable and just being a great guy.
ZL๏̯͡๏ba: Most of my early hours in tf2 was spent with her teaching me to rocket jump, properly airblast etc.

I was a little bored so i complied my the videos that i had favorited from my few years on the YouTubes. (cringe warning on the older videos)
Favourite videos:

"Don't Get Hit" - Isai
"I have no tech skill" -M2K
Hildreth : <(*) <(*) THE TOUCAN FLOCK IS HERE <(*) <(*)
nonideal : why does that fucking useless pyro taunt after evry kill b4nny?
Paladynne : Pyro new 5CP meta confirmed.

The orgin of my name:
Shoutout to shaggys damage:
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Sabesaroo Apr 1 @ 5:44pm 
Boasting Toast, known in Smash as MeowMix, is an American slammer from Florida, USA. He started playing Shrek SuperSlam before Slam in the Swamp, where he famously beat the favourite kirby in a double 3-0 in grand finals, and is now considered to be one of the top players in the world.

Boasting Toast also discovered the Swooce, a technique that is performed by jumping after Murtag dropping a Crumpet Dash, which allows players to retain the momentum of the dash in order to cover big distances.
ducky Feb 27 @ 7:54pm 
psa: butcher Feb 24 @ 4:51pm 
lolis are illegal and count as child pornography u SICKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vclox#2449 Feb 24 @ 8:54am 
Yes I would. Its a 10/10 in my books.
Sabesaroo Feb 23 @ 4:50pm 
hello sir would you reccomend this japanese anime?