Benjamin   New York, United States
Pocket/leader of The Bureaucracy [TFCL]
Solly/med sub for Mobster Inc [ESEA]
I'm also a mapmaker, working for TFCL and personal projects.

Previous Competitive Experience (6s)
Pocket/co-leader The Bureaucracy (TFCL Alpha season
Med starter/co-leader Envision Crew UGC (S23: Steel)
Med starter Envision Crew UGC (S22: Steel)
Med sub Envision Crew UGC (S21: Iron)

Previous Competitive Experience (Highlander)
Med starter Envision Crew (S20: Steel)
Med starter Envision Crew (S19: Iron)

cp_mountain_depot (alpha): A 5cp map set in a mountain gorge, this map is designed for 6s and highlander play. (Currently more suited to highlander)
cp_cliff_base (alpha): A 5cp map set on a cliff overlooking the ocean, this map features fast play, interesting spaces, and innovative layout designed for 4v4 and 6v6 play.
Currently In-Game
Team Fortress 2
Memorable quotes and whatnot
"Order me to bomb more, I love it, it's like crack to soldier mains." -Sagerz

box (tHL): just tell me to friend me
box (tHL): i accept all invites
[EnV] DubThink: ok

Spell ICUP Nigga: imma suck yo titties whether they big or itty bitty
Spell ICUP Nigga: oh wait
Spell ICUP Nigga: wrong guy

"Life is like a worm. Treat it kindly, and one day it will surely repay you." -Possibly Not

"Just because you're putting holes in a banana, doesn't mean you have any less banana." -Sagerz, on my map

Sagerz: "It's almost like we can..."
DubThink: "Circlejerk each others' ideas?"

'NEV Is our new team. its the NEVOSIN crew. we spout memes" -Sagerz

"I'm not like a treeologist" -Ari

16:30 - Ari: i'm not gay but i'd fuck me
16:30 - Ari: i'd fuck me good
16:30 - Ari: then i'd have a cigarette

"I reference hampsters in literally everything." -Sidular

Titan:"Is Star ringing for us?"
Ari:"Star's on our team"

Sidular!: Give me 10 mins
Sidular!: Need to get my headset from my mother
Sidular!: Who... is... using it
Sidular!: Fuck
Sidular!: Okay, maybe 15 minutes


Sidular!: She just shushed me
Sidular!: My mother just fucking
Sidular!: She
Sidular!: She has my SOUND CANCELLING HEADSET on, and she shushed me
Sidular!: As if I'm interrupting her show
Sidular!: I got my headset
Sidular!: Had to do a trade
Sidular!: Gave some my "fluffy" headphones
Sidular!: Give me 5 mins. Finishing a glass of milk

DubThink: is a stealth game set in hell
Sagerz: so my entire life
DubThink: yep

"I'm sicker than a clown at a ... horse show"-Sagerz, with a cold
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