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Space Engineers

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Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction and maintenance of space works. Players build space ships and space stations of various sizes and utilization (civil and military), pilot ships and perform asteroid mining.

Space Engineers utilizes a realistic volumetric-based physics engine: all objects can be assembled, disassembled, damaged and destroyed.

Space Engineers

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Camera block has been added - now you can see what is happening on different locations. Additional workshop tags for mods have been introduced to make the orientation on workshop easier. It is also possible to make better production building mods. Now you can specify what blueprints are available to production building. It's possible to make production chains and production building tiers. In addition to these new changes, we have redesigned the easy start 2 map, and rebalanced the cargo ships, adding new space engineers tech to them both. We have also made it possible to create a hostile identity in your world whilst in creative, this will allow people to make maps for others to play through, with the challenge of hostile ships and stations.
Full list of new features and fixes here:

EDIT 08/29/2014
Update 01.045.013
- fixed crash in toolbar
- fixed crash in terminal screen
- fixed glass single side rendering issue
- fixed thruster glare rendering issue
- fixed assembler block not added when blueprints in queue were missing
- fixed 'Arc furnace' building progress models
- fixed blank assembler
- changed name of 'Blast furnace' to 'Arc furnace'
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