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Space Engineers

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Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction and maintenance of space works. Players build space ships and space stations of various sizes and utilization (civil and military), pilot ships and perform asteroid mining.

Space Engineers utilizes a realistic volumetric-based physics engine: all objects can be assembled, disassembled, damaged and destroyed.

Space Engineers

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Pistons have been added in Space Engineers - they can be used to build advanced machinery. Also, faction founders and leaders can now enable auto-approval for new members. Players will now be able to see a notification on HUD when somebody is hacking/grinding their ship (does not apply to armors). Thrusters can be used without cockpit - through the terminal - which enables the option to create missiles with warheads, turret countermeasures, small drones which grind enemy ships by using grinder and other. Blast door blocks has been also added in the game; it's similar to armor, but thinner, so it can slide between two layers of armor (very useful for airtight door and hangar bays).

Full list of new features and fixes:

EDIT 07/25/14:
Update 01.040.014
- fixed two different crashes when exiting from the cockpit
- fixed crash in toolbar
- fixed crash with pistons
- fixed pistons flying away after changing the color
- fixed crash in asteroids (caused issues when loading a world or starting DS)
- fixed player cannot move issue
- fixed issues with mods not loading (there's still problem with model textures)

EDIT 07/29/14:
Update 01.040.016
- fixed issue when clients were able to save the game even with "client saving" disabled
- fixed issue when the game was saved after selecting "no" when leaving the game
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