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Good Morning/Afternoon Dear Community,

This is the first update in quite some time, and we've all been waiting for it!

Update 26 introduce the first mission instance inside Wargames. A mission which takes place in the treacherous corridors of Operations in full lockdown. Hordes of defective and patrols of submachine gun wielding CTRs is all that stands in the way of you (or your team) and the loot filled treasures enclosed beneath ... oh yeah, and 5 power relays at random locations!

Update 26 also features a few minor bug fixes, several key improvements and various tweaks to e.g. HUD systems, foliage rendering, new loot crates, global messaging, increased performance in Wargames and more (Please check full changelog below for details).

The Annual XMayhem multiplayer gamemode is back once again; allowing you to unlock our two very special seasonal xmas achievements for the duration of the holidays.

From all of “us” here at Zero Point Software, “we’d” like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for supporting the game!

ZPSHicks, last survivor of Zero Point Software

Update 26 - Changelog:

What's New

ADDED: Operations mission instance to Wargames
ADDED: System setup of mission crates, waypoints and access elevator platforms to gain access to Operations
ADDED: Steam leaderboards to the Wargames server browser menu
ADDED: Option for inviting players from chat lobby into Wargames (joining the same team and spawning close to each other)
ADDED: Backpack icon in Mission Overview at location of backpacks dropped with +500 CPs
ADDED: Chat announcement of CPs amount and zone location if player is killed with +500 CPs
ADDED: Overhead icon for team members in different zones in Wargames
ADDED: Revamped loot crates (model details, animation and textures) - Made by Hexe the Insane and Katrina the Insane (Thanks a million guys!)
ADDED: Dynamic thumbnails in Wargames server browser menu
ADDED: Support from streaming text and images from URL into menu
ADDED: Simple "falling out of map" trigger pickup setup to all zones in Wargames
ADDED: Cull groups and cull group triggers to all zones in Wargames except Jungle (20% boost in performance)
ADDED: Backpack beacon light and sounds to dropped backpacks
ADDED: Support for instantiating different waypoint icons
ADDED: SARA helmet announcements 60 seconds before a drop crate lands in Wargames
ADDED: SARA globally announces power state of Operations in Wargames
ADDED: Waypoints and power system to loot crates
ADDED: Defective CTR spawnbox to Sandbox
ADDED: Simple cardboard target setup to Sandbox
ADDED: Mission crate and small Operations access elevators system setup to Sandbox
ADDED: Containment field to Sandbox (good for testing suit system shutdowns)
ADDED: Respawn protection from CTRs in Wargames
ADDED: Main menu now shows how many achievements you have out of all
ADDED: Best Clan is now WaR-IM (Congrats guys!)


UPDATED: Trees and foliage shader to work with Unity 5 (Removing black edges and receiving correct lighting)
UPDATED: Trees and foliage billboard shader to work with Unity 5 (removing ugly edge in fog)
UPDATED: Global chat log is kept when switching zones in Wargames
UPDATED: Increased player revive-able timer to 60 seconds (from 30 seconds)
UPDATED: HUD revive messages is only displayed for teams in Wargames, everyone else see them in the chat
UPDATED: Kill messages removed from HUD, except from team players in same zone in Wargames
UPDATED: HUD correctly shut downs all intended elements when suit is offline or helmet is open
UPDATED: Restyled Mission Overview and added Operations access icons to the map of each zone
UPDATED: Replaced Hell Week with Wargames theme across the game (screens, audio, text and UI
UPDATED: Stamina is regained 150% faster when fully exhausted
UPDATED: Lowered breath audio volume when fully exhausted by 25%
UPDATED: Increased HUD compass width by 20%
UPDATED: Wetlands night moonlight and ambience light color 50% more bright
UPDATED: Jungle dusk weather mode is now more viberant and red in tones
UPDATED: Removed windows from 90% of all buildings in Wargames
UPDATED: Rebaked navmesh in all zones for more accurate pathfinding
UPDATED: Retry count in mission/challenges menu selection
UPDATED: Playing Lone Wolf the HUD scoreboard says DELTA instead of Player
UPDATED: Backpack pickup speed 2x faster
UPDATED: Loot crate unlock speed 2x faster
UPDATED: Weapon pickup speed 2x faster
UPDATED: CTR and Marine 3p walk sounds 2x volume
UPDATED: Restyled global chat UI so chat messages is shown against the dark edge of the helmet for better clarity
UPDATED: Increased brightness of flashlights 1p/3p (from 1.6 to 2.5)
UPDATED: Drop crates in Wargames drops every 5 minutes in one random zone
UPDATED: Tweaked the vignetting image effect to be more realistic and darker edges when aiming weapon for increased immersion
UPDATED: Simplified emmisive mask (shown on combat suit of team players)
UPDATED: Removed low pass muffling of suit audio system (SARA and audio logs)


FIXED: Invert mouse/gamepad Y-axis in input settings
FIXED: HUD Interaction brackets not showing when suit system was offline
FIXED: HUD WARN message was not turned off if opening the helmet when the suit is offline
FIXED: CTR reload sound radius
FIXED: Rocks in zone connection tunnels where not blocking "sunlight" flares
FIXED: Waypoints staying in Welcome to Project IM introduction mission

Known Issues
  • Players may sometimes fall through the floor of a map (Unity 5 bug)
  • The game will stop updating when switching out of fullscreen in Windows. If you are on a moving elevator or platform, this will cause you to fall through it. If you are in a Party, this will disconnect you from the Party
  • View jittering may occur when jumping on lossy networks
  • Other players will seem to float above or interpenetrate while standing on a moving dynamic platforms (network smoothing will exaggerate this effect)
  • The gamepad implementation is early and experimental, so may cause issues
  • When viewed up-close, some CTR heads may increase in size
  • Standing in a doorway when the door closes may result in the player being pushed vertically
  • The HUD names and kill messages will be clipped on aspect ratios that are less wide than 16:10
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