Massanine Jun 18 @ 9:13pm
Is something going on with Ubisoft and UPlay?....other than Watch Dogs...
I am not sure what is happening but My games that use Uplay are just not playing say the least. I don't want to bash on Uplay as that Dead Horse has been Kicked enough latley.
Obvouisly Ubisoft is taking some heat right now over the PC version of Watch Dogs so REASONS. The issue right now could be something new that is effecting other Ubisoft games. Far Cry 3 and FC3 Blood Dragon were playing beautifully up until a few days ago. Far Cry 3 is a good example of a poorly optimized PC port and significantly more so at launch. So why is a 2012 AA title that has been patched numerous times spazzing out and in the middle of gameplay at a buttersmooth 70FPS (1080p Ultra MSAAx2) all of a sudden looking and playing like I am trying to run it with a toaster.
once back at desktop from a crash or just quiting the games will update, I must have gotten about 20 updates today, most likley the exact same ones.
I am just concerned. I like Ubisoft. I lke their games but right now something is amiss... or Maybe I missed something and I can fix it soon... Feel free to comment.
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Massanine Jun 19 @ 12:08am 
Temps FIne. GPU:GTX 780 65°C/ CPU i5 3570K 40-50°C.
Note: Even tried changing graphic settings to 1024x768 on Low /NO MSAA. Same framerate and usage. Happens at a random time during gameplay.
WhiteKnight77 Jun 19 @ 4:24am 
Ubisoft should not be making games. They cannot optimize anything, especially if it is a port from a game originally released on console. The real irony is that all games start on the PC. Stop buying Ubisoft games, especially if they require Uplay and you will have fewer issues. Best bet, save your money and buy games from other developers. Since Ubi has screwed up my favorite games, I have saved a bunch of money due to it.
Massanine Jun 19 @ 4:34am 
I had not planned on buying Watch Dogs but I did get an graphics card and along with Nvidia and EVGA a Wacth Dogs product key is included but I have not yet rrecieved a code. For a game that the Primary platform was PC in the first place I am kind of shocked about what they did to the PC version. They basically Nerfed it to not look that much greater than PS4 and X One. Two good links, one from RGT and another from Totalbiscuit....
Satoru Jun 19 @ 5:03am 
Games like Watchdogs/FarCry3 are streaming you content instead of doing level loads. Which is why th game will 'hitch' when the game tries to stream you part of the level.
Massanine Jun 19 @ 6:13am 
I reinstalled Far Cry 3(D3D11) it seems to run as it was for the most part...Cant really say that it looks the same as it used too. I notice that MSAAx4 does virtually no smoothing of edges. Other than heating up my GPU and Lowering the framerate I would not know that it's on.
Satoru Jun 19 @ 8:24am 
Note that if the game was 'unoptimized' your GPU would be sittling idle and snoring. The fact that the GPU is getting a workout means the game is actually highly optimized.
Massanine Jun 19 @ 12:28pm 
Originally posted by Satoru:
Note that if the game was 'unoptimized' your GPU would be sittling idle and snoring. The fact that the GPU is getting a workout means the game is actually highly optimized.

I can't say that is 100% accurate and I can't totally disagree as well. Yes The game has has optimizations made and there after patches to fix issues on PC. Not to mention Nvidia and AMD releasing drivers after release of FC3. Maybe issues are more prominent with Nvidia GPUs. There may even a specific GPU architecture ie: Kepler or Cayman or GCN 1.0...ect. Honeslty I have no idea and trying to find the asnwer is a pain. Though There are many threads about FC3 performance Fix. Right now I would like to get the game Look pretty and play as well as I know It can. Just myself have had decent performance from 3 GPUs on this game..........
That is all. I hope that Ubisoft keeps making good games for PC....
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Samuel Jun 19 @ 12:50pm 
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