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ThreeSon Mar 24, 2013 @ 1:38am
Please help... Miner Wars developer is systematically banning users and deleting critical posts in the forum
I have already submitted a support ticket, but nearly every other ticket I have submitted in 8 years on Steam has gone either unanswered or unsolved, so I am posting the situation here, hoping that someone who can do something about it will take notice.

I posted this thread in the Miner Wars forum earlier today, in response to a ban that another user, "changefor5bucks" had received. That user was banned for creating this thread. The thread that I created has also been deleted from the forum entirely, though not before I made a screenshot.

My post was an honest attempt to get some feedback from the developer on what sort of discussion would be allowed in the Miner Wars forum, which I thought I made pretty clear. At worst I expected him to maybe lock the thread for being unproductive; instead he deleted the thread and permanently banned me.

My basic problem is: Neither of these posts are in violation of the Steam Community Rules and Guidelines in any way. The developer is doing this to silence criticism of the game and to hide his own abusive behavior towards his customers.

If the developer was doing this on his own website it would be fine, but on the Steam forums I would expect the developers to have to follow the same Rules and Guidelines that the users do. Is there anyone here who can please help resolve this?
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Silicon Vampire Mar 24, 2013 @ 2:36am 
Moderation actions are not discussed on the forums.

Your accusation s doesn't hold much weight when there have only been four bans from that forum since it was created.
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