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Glass Wizzard 2013年7月25日上午10:31
Is there a better non-nude female body mod?
All the good body mods are nude but I want one with underwear. Are there any?

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MontyMinion 2013年7月25日上午10:42 
Look up CBBE in the Steam Workshop.
Glass Wizzard 2013年7月25日上午10:52 
Do you know a nexus link? I would prefer to use wrye bash to install it, i've had a look on nexus but all I can find is the big bottom edition and it is also nude.
blckruc47 2013年7月25日上午10:55 
Go to Nexus and look for one. There are plenty over there.
Glass Wizzard 2013年7月25日下午1:13 
That's my point, I've been scowering the nexus and I can only find nude mods...
stabbykitteh 2013年7月25日下午1:18 
UNP has an underwear version, I use it. You just need to look on the download page under Optional Files.
Judy 2013年7月25日下午1:45 
CBBE, or Caliente's. There are several non-nude versions.
Glass Wizzard 2013年7月26日上午12:15 
Do you guys know which body would have the least impact on performance?
Hailey 2013年7月26日上午12:16 
Glass Wizzard 2013年7月26日上午12:40 
Thanks a lot, just to be sure you mean this one right?:
Hailey 2013年7月26日上午12:42 
Moose Knuckles 2013年7月26日上午6:26 
Caliantes big bottom mod has a settings thing when you activate it in the NMM i think.
drmcshizzle 2013年7月26日上午6:35 
引用自 The Holy Quop
Caliantes big bottom mod has a settings thing when you activate it in the NMM i think.

Exactly, if you're going CBBE (Caliente) route make sure you use Nexus Mod Manager and click on the appropriate file that says NMM/BAIN Installer. You should be able to choose a "vanilla" option. Not too familiar with UNP unfortunately although I know alot of modders perfer this body style.
Moose Knuckles 2013年7月26日上午6:58 
Using the NMM is WAAAAAY lot easier. I prefer to stay away from body slider because you can get som pretty weird things and i had to change it around before i got it correct.
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