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Glass Wizzard 2013年7月25日 10時31分
Is there a better non-nude female body mod?
All the good body mods are nude but I want one with underwear. Are there any?

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MontyMinion 2013年7月25日 10時42分 
Look up CBBE in the Steam Workshop.
Glass Wizzard 2013年7月25日 10時52分 
Do you know a nexus link? I would prefer to use wrye bash to install it, i've had a look on nexus but all I can find is the big bottom edition and it is also nude.
blckruc47 2013年7月25日 10時55分 
Go to Nexus and look for one. There are plenty over there.
Glass Wizzard 2013年7月25日 13時13分 
That's my point, I've been scowering the nexus and I can only find nude mods...
stabbykitteh 2013年7月25日 13時18分 
UNP has an underwear version, I use it. You just need to look on the download page under Optional Files.
Judy 2013年7月25日 13時45分 
CBBE, or Caliente's. There are several non-nude versions.
Glass Wizzard 2013年7月26日 0時15分 
Do you guys know which body would have the least impact on performance?
Hailey 2013年7月26日 0時16分 
Glass Wizzard 2013年7月26日 0時40分 
Thanks a lot, just to be sure you mean this one right?:
Hailey 2013年7月26日 0時42分 
Moose Knuckles 2013年7月26日 6時26分 
Caliantes big bottom mod has a settings thing when you activate it in the NMM i think.
drmcshizzle 2013年7月26日 6時35分 
The Holy Quop の投稿を引用:
Caliantes big bottom mod has a settings thing when you activate it in the NMM i think.

Exactly, if you're going CBBE (Caliente) route make sure you use Nexus Mod Manager and click on the appropriate file that says NMM/BAIN Installer. You should be able to choose a "vanilla" option. Not too familiar with UNP unfortunately although I know alot of modders perfer this body style.
Moose Knuckles 2013年7月26日 6時58分 
Using the NMM is WAAAAAY lot easier. I prefer to stay away from body slider because you can get som pretty weird things and i had to change it around before i got it correct.
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