The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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High King over Skyrim. Who?
So I have been thinking all allong, Why isnt the Dragonborn given the throne?
He/she got the jagged crown in a mission, and decided (or was forced to for the plot) to give it to either side of the civil war.

Lets look at the candidates shall we?

Jarl Elisif the fair
supposedly a good speaker, and "fair" as her name suggests.

officially the Jarl of Solitude, after her dead husband, the last High King of Skyrim, but some people dubt her power and sees her only as a galleon figure, while her steward hawe the real power.
A puppet to the Empire and its intrerests.

Noteworthy accomplishments?

The Empires economical interests.
Some of the Jarls in Skyrim, about half before the war, all/none after.
The Imperial army.

Second candidate.
Ulfric Stormcloak.
Skills? Skilled swordsman and can to some extent control his thu'um, supposedly a former deciple of the Greybeards.
Allso a very skilled talker, manages to convinse allot of Nords for his cause to become King.

Jarl of Windhelm. Allot of people the Nord population, especially by Talos worshiper.

Noteworthy accomplishments?
defeated the Forsworn and freed Morthal. allso slaughtered men. women and children of the opposing side.

Some of the Jarls in Skyrim, about half before the war, all/none after.
The Stormcloak army
(and not to forget the Thalmor likes him)

And so the last one.
The Dragonborn, alias Dovahkiin.
Skills? everything, the best smith, enchanter and alchemist in Skyrim.
Mastery over the thu'um, after some of training at high Hrothgar.

business partner of most shopkeeper in all holds.
Bloodkin to the Orsimer strongholds.
Hero of legends.

Noteworthy accomplishments?
Saving the world, 3 times (with all dlc).
Slayer of dragons, giants and whatnot.
Eye of magus.

His own houscarls, about 5-6 of them.
The collage of winterhold, the dark brotherhood, Thieves guild.
the companions. Meaby the bards. (whatever they can do)
The deadric princes.
All Jarls in Skyrim give their recognition.
The dawnguards/Volkihar court
(some of them might or might not be on the list, based on your alignment, but I based it on the maximum alliances possible.)

So thats all of them, To who do you give your vote?

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