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Getting Jade Empire to work with Windows 7 and Windows Vista
by Haerzog
I will describe a few ways I have read other people describe, for getting the program to work with windows 7 and windows vista...
Another way to work around the infamous start up problem
by Hilitai671
After researching a bit, i fond that all i had to do was put a "SystemInformation.xml" thing and the steam.dll file into the Jade EMpire game folders...
How to fix poor performance/stuttering in Jade Empire
by The Legend, Father of Giants
Bought this classic RPG and are disappointed with how it performs on your more than competent rig? Here's a very simple solution that should get Jade Empire playing smooth as silk!...
Jade Empire Launcher Fix WIN7
by Lovis
OK well with a little searching around I'v found a way to get this to at least launch my problem now is that game runs like crap with a consistent skip idk how to fix that but this was what did to get it running FYI it is a prosses so enjoy Steps: ...
Harmonic Combos
by csellner2412
Harmonic combos are absoultely necessary to the combat in Jade Empire, but are very lightly touched on in game....