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b_katt 3 feb 2013 om 2:14nm
Portal 2 Co-op Custom maps split screen
I had previously played the Portal 2 campaign and DLC split screen on my PS3. I had recently started playing the custom single player maps on my PC (since the PS3 included a PC download voucher). I'm now trying to play the cooperative co-op maps split screen on either my PS3 or PC. From what I understand this won't happen on PS3.

On PC, I was able to use x360ce and play the co-op campaign again with a spare non-360 controller. However, when starting the co-op custom maps, I do not get presented with a "press x for the second controller" like I did with the campaign. Instead the game just starts to look for friends online. Is it possible to play co-op custom maps split screen? If so, how?

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DandyJazzCat 20 mei 2013 om 5:34vm 
Anyone? I would like to know this too.
Being able to play custom maps in splitscreen would be a great feature!
Erchamatur 20 mei 2013 om 5:57vm 
Yes, I would also like to know if this is possible
Trunchbull 20 mei 2013 om 6:04vm 
I've never heard of any map allowing for a split screen experience. That requires a bit of non-Hammer coding that I don't think most designers are experienced with.
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