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Gravgon 12/nov/2013 às 14:59
New to Co-Op
I would like to find a partner that is new to the game. to go throw Co-Op mode.
Please first timers only.
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Bøɲηɨε եђპ BυɲηԿ 14/nov/2013 às 13:47 
:D Yes
Gravgon 14/nov/2013 às 13:57 
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:D Yes :p2turret:
Did you read what i said? i said i wanted a new player that did not know all the Tests.
you played portel for 180 Hours. that would not make you new.
tijuanatornado1 14/nov/2013 às 14:16 
hey i play with u k ?
Gravgon 14/nov/2013 às 14:34 
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hey i play with u k ?

Have you played the Co-Op test in storie mode yet?

tijuanatornado1 14/nov/2013 às 14:38 
i played the first level with my bro a couple months ago but he moved away before we could finish and now i wanna finish with someone
Vasya93 14/nov/2013 às 14:48 
hi, lets play if you still intrested
K3Cubed 14/nov/2013 às 15:15 
NOOOOOOOOOO I neeed somebody......
weeep weep sob sob
siddharthyadav2000 14/nov/2013 às 22:31 
add me
☭Social Core™ 15/nov/2013 às 19:06 
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:D Yes :p2turret:
Ur a ♥♥♥♥
☭Social Core™ 15/nov/2013 às 19:06 
And ur desperate
Tenacious Taco 16/nov/2013 às 9:04 
i can play with you, i have started portal 2 on wednesday and haven't done the co-op mode yet
Gravgon 16/nov/2013 às 10:46 
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i can play with you, i have started portal 2 on wednesday and haven't done the co-op mode yet :demoticon:

Sounds good :D, I'm tide up with work and stuff right now tho. will be open to play at lot on monday from 7am to 4pm central US time. thanks
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♬Vinyl Scratch♥Blaze Snipez 16/nov/2013 às 14:25 
hi i have played portal-2 for about 1 week and im still kind of new so i can play co-op with you?
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