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HADESS 4月5日 12時11分
Portal 2 on the PS3 console or on the computer?
Portal 2 on the PS3 console or on the computer? what do you prefer?
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Beef Hammer 4月5日 12時42分 
lol portal with a controller sucks
HADESS 4月7日 6時00分 
not so bad
SeansShow 4月7日 9時13分 
I'd platinumed this on PS3 and have been playing through it this week on the PC with a 360 pad as I wanted to lounge on the couch. Differences between controls and visuals are minimal in my opinion.

The big difference is steam workshop user content.

Easily one of the best games ever made, co-op is superb.
HADESS 4月22日 4時51分 
yes co-op is super !
Gillius 4月22日 11時02分 
i prefer it on pc... but to be fair portal is such a good game it would be great on consoles too
louisbolton13 4月24日 1時19分 
ps3 is ♥♥♥♥ that is all
louisbolton13 4月24日 1時20分 
this fing game blurred out s**t
Kozac 4月24日 6時44分 
Well Playstation 3 and PC can play together soooo go for whichever you prefer.
HADESS 4月25日 1時49分 
Yes, i agree
AlphaCore 4月25日 1時53分 
On PC, some features are not avaiable on Console version.

Beef Hammer の投稿を引用:
lol portal with a controller sucks

I play Portal on PC with controller, you know.
TBWTDT 7月9日 22時02分 
Portal 2 with Dualshock 3 is gorgeous!
luisjo96 7月9日 22時20分 
Pc mustard rice all the way
FishHaveSea 7月10日 3時44分 
I play on PC ,but I love PS3
HADESS 7月11日 7時17分 
FishHaveSea の投稿を引用:
I play on PC ,but I love PS3
Yes me too !
Qwer!@ 7月11日 7時54分 
For Portal only PC
1-15 / 15 のコメントを表示
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