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Isochronus Apr 4, 2014 @ 3:05pm
Easy Overclocker Acheivement guide
Lets face it, some people may find it one of the "easier acheivements" but if your like me, it takes about 5 seconds to fire a portal. So heres a guide to make it a LOT easier to get the acheivement

Firstly, you can use the quick save/load feature to make the whole task a great deal easier. This means you don't have to restart the whole map if you accidentally fall in a pit or something

Ok, so as you start, run through the main doors and into the test chamber. Place a portal on the wall behind the faith plate and another on the floor behind it. Run through the one on the floor and fall into it again to fire to the cube on the other side. Now place a portal on the left wall and one in the pit below you. Grab the cube and fall in. You should land on the plate and bounce to the first platform. Place the cube as close to the end wall while still blocking the laser and put a portal on the back wall (the one the laser will have to fire at.
Drop back down and run to the faith plate again, this time getting to the top platform. Place another portal on the wall by the button, push the button and jump off the ledge at the back as the cube comes up, grabbing it in the air. Use the cube to redirect the laser in the portal and WALK RIGHT BEFORE TRYING TO PICK UP THE OTHER CUBE. Otherwise you'll just pick up the glass one. Jump back down with the storage cube, go on the faith plate and ride it to the doors. Place the cube on the switch and run through the emancipation grid for the acheivement to unlock.

The easiest way is to just keep saving at any point you feel you might mess up at, and saving again once you've done it in a good time.Also if you have the strength to move the mouse down, feel free to comment. Or you can just stare at the screen for an hour I don't care...
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Portal 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details
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