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[Dr.Alex] Shank - Русификатор
by dokartist
Русифицируем Shank ... Желающим оказать спонсорскую помощь для написания руководств других игр пишите в личку и переводите средства сюда R248191087914 Это может ускорить выход руководства. Все спонсоры будут упомянуты поимённо (по желанию) в титрах руко...
How to unlock all costumes
by aPhilRa
Guide on how to unlock all the oufits found in the game...
Shank 1 final boss "Cesar" headbutt combo strategy
by mxup
I had so much trouble finding the right controls to do the headbutt combo that I decided to record it when I found it. The info I found on the net was not helpful as it was contradictory and also talking about playstation/xbox controls which I did not have...
How to make Shank uncut (classic) again
by Wesk
Play the co-op campaign ALONE and have a blast
by Klementh
If you want to learn the backstory or simply to squeeze all the juice of the game without a co-op partner, then this guide is for you....
Optimal Controls for Shank on PC
by Blue-Eyed Cat
Alternative keybindings for Shank on PC!...