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Ashie-kun. 2013年9月19日 11時07分
Youtuber Special infected?
Just a random idea I had that I thought would be pretty funny. Give suggestions of which youtuber would be good as each special. (I can't actually mod anything I just wanted to see other people's opinions and suggestions)

An example: Pewdiepie as the Hunter.
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Libertine 2013年9月19日 12時17分 
fsck off ...
☭TSAR_ 2013年9月19日 17時05分 
Tobuscus as Witch... Yes...
whAT HAVE yOU DOne 2013年9月19日 18時09分 
They're all Boomer.
dustinandband 2013年9月19日 18時26分 
Those Dirty Blues 2013年9月19日 20時38分 
These would have to be sound mods only. Unless real-life 3D models of these people exist, there's no way anything more than a sound mod could be made.
Pud 2013年9月20日 5時19分 
Blackworm or El Pres
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