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Screws. (Scotland for 3 Days) 19 sep 2013 om 11:07vm
Youtuber Special infected?
Just a random idea I had that I thought would be pretty funny. Give suggestions of which youtuber would be good as each special. (I can't actually mod anything I just wanted to see other people's opinions and suggestions)

An example: Pewdiepie as the Hunter.
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Libertine 19 sep 2013 om 12:17nm 
fsck off ...
☭TSAR_ 19 sep 2013 om 5:05nm 
Tobuscus as Witch... Yes...
The Dead Queen Ama Ki 19 sep 2013 om 6:09nm 
They're all Boomer.
dustinandband 19 sep 2013 om 6:26nm 
Gimmeh Jibbs! 19 sep 2013 om 8:38nm 
These would have to be sound mods only. Unless real-life 3D models of these people exist, there's no way anything more than a sound mod could be made.
Pud 20 sep 2013 om 5:19vm 
Blackworm or El Pres
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