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CHEN| ~CatroN 2013年7月9日下午6:59
L4D2 freezes and crashes
When I try to start a lobby in l4d2, the game will freeze while 'selecting a game server' and im forced to terminate it
I have tried verifying, reinstalling and deleting all my add ons.
Please help
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Omniach 2013年7月9日下午7:02 
Wiping steam might work. I had a problem too but uninstalling steam fixed it. I would try all other options first.
CHEN| ~CatroN 2013年7月9日下午7:03 
all other options being?
Zed 2013年7月14日上午5:33 
I got the same problem, i uninstalled/reinstalled steam and left 4 dead 2 but still the problem persists...but this happen only when i'm the leader of the lobby, if it is somebody else i can play without problem. are there any new solutions for this?

PS. sorry for my english
Rankeaton 2013年7月14日上午5:35 
It could be your internet connection, does this happen with any other online games?
Zed 2013年7月14日上午7:20 
I played like 400 hours of gameplay without having this issue, it's a new thing...and i don't remember i changed something with my connection, but i can check. Any advice for something i have to look for in particular?

The only other online game i have is minecraft, no problem with that but i don't think it uses the same logic when connecting to servers...but i'm may be wrong ;)
CHEN| ~CatroN 2013年7月17日上午1:22 
Its not my internet connection, never happens with any other game
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