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LelouchViAustralia 2013年7月9日 18時59分
L4D2 freezes and crashes
When I try to start a lobby in l4d2, the game will freeze while 'selecting a game server' and im forced to terminate it
I have tried verifying, reinstalling and deleting all my add ons.
Please help
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Omniach 2013年7月9日 19時02分 
Wiping steam might work. I had a problem too but uninstalling steam fixed it. I would try all other options first.
LelouchViAustralia 2013年7月9日 19時03分 
all other options being?
Zed 2013年7月14日 5時33分 
I got the same problem, i uninstalled/reinstalled steam and left 4 dead 2 but still the problem persists...but this happen only when i'm the leader of the lobby, if it is somebody else i can play without problem. are there any new solutions for this?

PS. sorry for my english
Rankeaton (キートン) 2013年7月14日 5時35分 
It could be your internet connection, does this happen with any other online games?
Zed 2013年7月14日 7時20分 
I played like 400 hours of gameplay without having this issue, it's a new thing...and i don't remember i changed something with my connection, but i can check. Any advice for something i have to look for in particular?

The only other online game i have is minecraft, no problem with that but i don't think it uses the same logic when connecting to servers...but i'm may be wrong ;)
LelouchViAustralia 2013年7月17日 1時22分 
Its not my internet connection, never happens with any other game
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