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FAQ: How Gas Mask Filters Work
by Proph
This FAQ will explain in detail how gas mask filters work, specifically focused on useful information for new and experienced players alike. After reading this guide you will have a clear understanding of how to read the timers, why you can/can't pick up ...
How to survive Ranger Hardcore
Tips on how to beat Ranger Hardcore....
Получение разных концовок
by Ivpas
Я не нашёл в списке руководств толковый гайд по концовкам, поэтому решил закинуть перевод с вики от пользователя dobr с сайта Game...
Metro 2033 Weapons Guide
by Slim Cognito
Metro 2033 Weapons Guide Hello, and welcome to my guide on the weapons of the game ''Metro 2033'' I'll be explaining the important stuff related to the weapons and giving my opinion on the use of some weapons and their other abitities they...
Достижения Метро 2033
by Goodbye, Travelers!
Metro 2033 - Sherlock Achievement Guide (ENG/PL)
by *Wujo Kosiator™
So now I made a Sherlock Achievement Guide for you. Hope you enjoy :) No więc zrobiłem poradnik o Osiągnięciu Sherlocka dla ciebie. Mam nadzieję że ci się spodoba :)...
Все достижения в Метро 2033
by ProOldRaven
Гайд по получению всех без исключения ачивментов в игре....
Metro 2033 Complete Walkthrough
by Mathroy
If you are stuck somewhere ingame, don't know where to go or what to do, this guide is a complete walkthrough, here to help you. If you don't want to be spoiled, then don't watch. [url=
Metro 2033 Moral Points Guide
by Fritz Derochebrune
A guide on how to earn moral points to get the 'good' ending....
Sherlock Achievement Guide
by Scientist
This guide shows the locations of the gold ammo hidden in the various stations you visit in Metro 2033 for the Sherlock achievement....